Samsung Smart TV Lines On Screen: 4 Ways To Fix

samsung smart tv lines on screen
samsung smart tv lines on screen

If you are a Samsung fan, we are certain that Samsung Smart TV would be your first choice if you ever want a smart TV. That’s because of the latest features and high-end resolution that cannot be found on any other TV. However, there are multiple complains about Samsung Smart TV lines on the screen and it’s really frustrating. To help you out, we have multiple solutions for you!

Samsung Smart TV Lines On Screen

1) Input Sources

Whenever the lines appear on the Samsung Smart TV’s screen, the users must consider if the lines are moving or permanent. That’s because if the lines are swaying, you must check the input sources and ensure they are properly connected.

These input sources include the video, HDMI 1, and PC. That’s because a proper connection is essential for ensuring a seamless connection. For this purpose, you can disconnect the input source cables and reconnect them to promise better connectivity.

2) Picture Test

In case you are using the Samsung Smart TV from the year 2020 or 2021, you can perform the picture test to ensure the picture appears on the screen and the lines disappear. For this purpose, open the settings on the TV and move to the support tab, and tap on device care.

As a result, the TV will run a scan and you can choose “self-diagnosis” available on the screen’s bottom. Now, choose picture test, and whatever occurs on the screen, just press the OK button. After you press the OK button, the picture will appear on the screen.

On the other hand, if you are using the Samsung Smart TV from the year 2018 or 2019, the instructions are different for running the picture test. The first step is about opening the settings, choose support, and press the self-diagnosis button.

On the new page, scroll down to the picture test and there will be a pop-up stating that the photo will appear, so just press the OK button. As a result, the picture will appear. If the picture appears, it’s the test image and signals the hardware issue. So, just call up the technician and ask for repair.

3) Source

The users hardly consider this but lines on Samsung Smart TV can occur because the TV source is faulty. For instance, if the lines are appearing only on one source, there are chances that the connection cable or source is faulty. That being said, you must call Samsung customer support or the customer support of an external device (the source device). So, just disconnect the source and get it repaired to get rid of lines on the Samsung Smart TV screen.

4) Reset

Samsung Smart TVs are pretty amazing and the minor issues like lines on the screen can be solved by applying the reset function. In case you don’t know how to factory reset the Samsung Smart TV to default settings, we have the steps mentioned below;

  • Switch on the TV and use the menu button
  • From the appearing menu, choose support and move down to self-diagnosis
  • In this tab, move to the reset button and hit the enter button
  • You might be asked to enter the Security PIN, so enter it and the TV will be reset and lines will go away

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