What Does VM Deposit Mean In Verizon?

verizon what does vm deposit mean
verizon what does vm deposit mean

Verizon What Does VM Deposit Mean?

Verizon is one of the best cellular service providers having multitudes of users connected to it. It is pertinent that when you have clients in millions and they are using their data according to the plans that Verizon provides to them. So, this is the reason Verizon has to keep all their service records with every one of its customers.

Therefore, Verizon has an effective and efficient billing system that tracks records everything you use and facilitate you to check your billings in a systematic order. However, some of their customers are unaware of the few things they see in the billing statement. And they frequently ask what VM deposit means.

What Does VM Deposit Means?

The VM deposit is the technical term used by Verizon, which means that your voicemail has been delivered. When you send someone a voicemail, and when the voicemail is delivered, it shows in the billing statement as VM Deposit. Thus, you don’t have to panic that they may be some form of error or precursor of your Verizon service issues.

Is Verizon VM Deposit Related To CL?

Yes, of course, VM deposit and CL have a very close relationship as they are linked with the voicemail. If you send someone an email, the billing profile will note it as a VM deposit. In a similar way, if someone received a voicemail from his nears and peers, this will be registered in the billing system as CL. So, if you find these terms in your billing statement, you need not panic. These are just technical terms to understand the usage of the plane.

Does Verizon VM Deposit Mean They Are Charging More?

Those who don’t know what VM Deposit and CL mean in the billing paper might wonder and conceive this as over-billing. They also can search and roam on the internet to understand these terms. But, if you are reading this, you will not need to surf around the internet and ask multiple questions related to the Verizon VM deposit. Because now you know them as we have defined VM deposit, and it has no connection with the over-billing.

Verizon Customer Care Center

Still, if you find any difficulty understanding the Verizon VM deposit in your billing, you can contact Verizon customer care center for guidance. Their customer representative will ask you for the bill and explain to you about the Verizon VM deposit. Feel free to ask and grow your knowledge with the help of the Verizon customer care center.


At the end of this article, we have discussed all the Verizon VM deposit’s critical elements to increase your understanding. If you have reached this line, it has given you healthy information to understand your Verizon billing.

In this space, the necessary and important information related to Verizon What does VM deposit means have offered to you. And if you find any query regarding this topic, we are ever-ready to help you out; just write us in the comment box.

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