4 Self-Checks For Fixing Verizon MiFi Not Turning On

verizon mifi not turning on
verizon mifi not turning on

Verizon doesn’t need any introduction when it comes down to internet equipment. Recently, the company cranked up the notch by launching MiFi, which allows users to create their own mobile hotspot network. In simpler words, it’s a great choice for people who want their own personal internet connection. For this reason, Verizon MiFi not turning on is a frustrating issue for many people as it restricts them from establishing their own internet connection. So, let’s see what can be done to turn on the MiFi device!

Verizon MiFi Not Turning On Fix

1. Battery Connection

When you turn on the MiFi device, but the screen doesn’t come on, even if you press the power button, the first step is to check the battery connection. In particular, you have to ensure that the battery is properly seated within the MiFi device. It is common for the battery to get de-seated when the MiFi device falls on the floor. So, it’s recommended that you open the MiFi device and take out the battery to reconnect it tightly to the respective plugs (yes, there are small plugs in the battery compartment that should be optimized).

2. Low Battery

If you have already checked the battery’s connection and the battery is properly connected to the small plugs, the issue could be with a low battery. In simpler words, the MiFi doesn’t turn on when the battery is low or is dead. For this reason, you must charge your MiFi and keep in mind that the device might take around fifteen minutes to start charging if the device is dead. After fifteen to twenty minutes, try turning on the device again, and it will work fine. However, it’s recommended that you hold the power button for five seconds at a minimum.

3. Power Outlet

In case there is nothing wrong with the battery, you need to check the power outlet because a damaged or faulty power outlet can also lead to a functionality issue. So, rather than using the current electricity outlet to connect and charge the MiFi device, it’s recommended that you choose another outlet. In addition to changing the power outlet, you must ensure that there are no extra devices connected to the power outlet as it can disrupt the charging process. Once you find a functional yet idle power outlet, try charging the MiFi device again.

4. Damaged Battery

If changing the power outlet still hasn’t resolved the issue for you, there are high chances that the battery is damaged. To be honest, repairing the battery is not possible, and if some technician helps you, it won’t be a long-term solution. For this reason, it’s recommended that you replace the battery. However, when you get a battery replacement, charge it for an hour or two without using the device (yes, just let it charge to make sure the battery starts up well).

The Bottom Line

The MiFi device is a great choice for people who are always on the go and need their own mobile hotspot. To prevent the functionality issues, make sure the battery is charged properly, and you don’t throw it around as it can damage the delicate wiring of the device.

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