What is EPB Fiber Optics and How Does It Work?

EPB Fiber Optics is a company which offers what is called Fi-Speed Internet which is delivered via a 100 percent fiber optic network.  EPB advertises a fully optimized fiber optic network which provides you with more bandwidth for data transfer and stable download and upload speeds.  This results in better video streaming and improved services when you subscribe to their Internet service, Fi TV, Fi Phone, and MyFi.

EPB provides packages and bundles which start at 30 Mbps (megabits per second) and range up to 1000 Mbps which accommodates a huge amount of bandwidth. This increases multitasking capability and efficiency when using applications which are bandwidth-intensive such as streaming music and video and accessing Internet TV.

How EPB Fiber Optics Works

When you subscribe to EPB fiber optics you can choose from a range of packages which provide consistent and equal download and upload speeds.  With any package you choose EPB provides you with up to seven free email accounts, up to 10GB of free email storage for your messages and data, security software including antivirus, antispyware and antispam software plus parental controls for restricting access to inappropriate content.

EPB Fiber Optics offers high speed Internet, TV, and voice services which can be purchased separately or as a package.  Here is an overview of the different services followed by an understanding of how the services are bundled together in packages to accommodate a home or business setting.

  • Fi-Speed Internet:  As mentioned earlier the Fi-Speed Internet provided by EPB can offer speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.  EPB also claims to offer speed stability around the clock 24/7 to alleviate your frustration with slow speeds at peak usage times.  If you visit the EPB Fiber Optics website there is a place where you can take a speed test to compare the Fi-Speed Internet with the type of access you currently have.
  • Fi TV:  EPB distinguishes its Fi TV service from other providers by offering fiber optic connectivity which operates at 100 percent to improve service stability.  The DVR service which is included when you subscribe to Fi TV allows you to record up to four programs simultaneously with two shows in high definition.  Once you have recorded your programs you can watch them from any television in your house using the Fi TV set top box.  With the 100 percent fiber optic connectivity you receive enhanced audio and visual while enjoying your favorite TV shows in addition to thousands of Video on Demand programming selections.
  • Fi Phone:  The Fi Phone service offered by EPB is also 100 percent fiber optic which means improved call quality and reliability while you still receive fully integrated features you typically get with a state-of-the-art phone service.  EPB offers 3-way calling, unlimited long distance with some of the plans, call forwarding, call return, call screening, call blocking, voice mail, call trace, speed dialing, and much more.  Fi Phone starts with a basic plan for less than $23 per month and ranges to Fi Phone Unlimited for just under $40 per month.

EPB Fiber Optics also offers customized services for businesses which include comprehensive fiber optic connectivity packages for Internet, phone, and TV, in addition to any other fiber optic services your business may require.  The different plans are categorized under Fi for Business which you can opt to subscribe to according the plan description or customize a package to suit the specific needs of your business.

EPB Fiber Optics Packages

Although it is possible to customize an EPB package to suit your home or business needs, EPB offers two primary packages which also provide the opportunity for customization.  Here we will discuss the two predefined packages to provide you with a general idea of what type of services you receive when you subscribe to EPB Fiber Optics.

  • Double-Fi Gold:  The Double-Fi Gold plan provides you with Fi-Speed Internet and Fi TV services for just under $106 per month.  For the Fi-Speed Internet service you can choose from four different download and upload speeds which include 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps.

The Fi TV service allows you to choose from three different package plans for channel access which include Fi TV Bronze, Fi TV Silver, and Fi TV Gold.  You can also choose a custom bundle of channels and then there are packages for movie lovers, family, and the online gamer, and sports fans.

  • Tri-Fi Gold:  The Tri-Fi Gold plan offers all three services (Internet, phone, and TV) for just under $130 per month.  For the Internet and TV services you get the options we described in the Double-Fi Gold bundle plus you receive the Fi Phone service which is offered in three different options.  The options include the Fi Phone Basic, Fi Phone LD 120 which has 120 minutes of domestic long distance included, or Fi Phone Unlimited which offers unlimited long distance calling.

As a general rule, you save money when you opt to purchase EPB services in a bundle however; EPB appears to make it easy for you to choose only the services you want and need.

EPB Fiber Optics MyFi

When you subscribe to EPB Fiber Optics you are provided with an easy to use customer interface which you can log into to manage your television channels, DVR recordings, phone services, email accounts, security protection and parental controls.  The interface also provides a way for you to easily pay your bill with Online Bill Pay in addition to One Stop Bill Pay which allows you to pay for your electrical and fiber optic services in one easy payment.

Tech Support

Regardless of the services or package plan you choose, EPB takes care of the installation and provides ongoing tech support via a toll free number or via email.  According to customer reviews EPB is very respectful of your time when it comes to scheduling an installation or tech support appointment.  If you are currently switching from a cable service EPB support specialists also ensure that the changeover process is easy and hassle free.

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