Verizon Go Unlimited vs Beyond Unlimited: The Difference

verizon go unlimited vs beyond unlimited
verizon go unlimited vs beyond unlimited

Verizon is one of the largest wireless companies in the USA. It has millions of customers, and for them, there are many good internet hotspot packages that they can subscribe to for a better life. The Verizon internet connection reaches almost every corner of the country, and there is no big complaint regarding the internet connection.

But, before subscribing to the Verizon internet packages, there is a big confusion about which package will suit you. There are two of the most common packages, namely Verizon Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited. These are two of Verizon’s major internet packages, and in this article, we will let you know about two of them in detail.

Verizon Go Unlimited vs Beyond Unlimited

What Is Verizon Go Unlimited?

As shown by the name, the Verizon Go unlimited is one of those internet packages of Verizon that provides you unlimited internet until the subscription end. It sounds good that you will be getting Unlimited internet by subscribing to this package, but there are a few concerns that you need to look after before subscribing to Verizon Go Unlimited.

One of the biggest things you need to care about is Verizon’s speed under the Verizon Go Unlimited. The average speed provided by the Verizon Go Unlimited is only 600kbps. It is not the ideal speed if you are going to stream HD videos. This internet is only good for small tasks, and you cannot transfer big files and play online games using this internet speed.

It will be hard for you to survive with the Verizon Go Unlimited package if you are a daily streamer and love to play online games. But, if you need the internet for only office use where you only need to deal with some emails, this is the perfect hotspot connection.

Beyond Unlimited Internet

The beyond unlimited packages is good for those who want to enjoy high-speed internet at a reasonable price. The Verizon Beyond Unlimited internet package lets you enjoy 15GB of monthly internet with a relatively high speed as compared to the Verizon Go Beyond Unlimited. But, when Verizon is providing you such good internet, then certainly there are some flaws that you need to look after.

As we know, you will only get 15GB of the internet for one month, so what will happen when the internet limit ends. If the 15GB internet limit ends, your internet speed will automatically shift to 600kbps. It is right that you will use the internet after the 15GB limit end, but the speed will reduce relatively. So, it’ll be better for you if you choose Verizon Beyond Unlimited as it has got more perks than the Verizon Go Unlimited.

Final Remarks

Verizon introduced both of the packages as mentioned above by keeping in mind the need of its customers. Both of the packages have got different merits and demerits. If you ask for our suggestion, we will suggest you go for the Beyond Unlimited package of Verizon.

The reason why we are suggesting that you must go for the Beyond Unlimited Package is that this package has a relatively low cost than the Verizon Go Unlimited Package. Along with it, the Verizon Go Unlimited Package is Providing you 600kbps internet speed for the whole month.

On the other hand, the Beyond Unlimited package is offering you 15GB fast internet, and when the limit ends, you will be shifted to the 600kbps internet speed. So, the Verizon Beyond Unlimited is way better than the Verizon Go Unlimited. Now, it is up to the choice of what you will be choosing for you.


Above, we have some of the beneficial knowledge about the Verizon Go Unlimited vs Beyond Unlimited packages. The article will enrich all the necessary things that you needed to know about both of the packages. Give the article a thorough read, and you will be able to resolve all of your concerns regarding the packages mentioned above.

If it still looks hard to choose between the above two packages or have any issues regarding those packages, let us know in the comment section. We will try our best possible to resolve your concerns.

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