9 Troubleshooting Tips For The Verizon Fios Volume Problem

verizon fios volume problem
verizon fios volume problem

Verizon has a variety of plans and packages designed to offer a seamless user experience to all its customers, and Fios TV is another badge on their collar. It has been designed as the fiber-optic TV service that offers TV channels through the internet – it works just like a streaming service. It’s one of the best choices for people who want on-demand TV channels but cannot opt for cable TV connections. However, some users have complained about the Verizon Fios volume problem, and we are sharing all of them along with the solutions!

Verizon Fios Volume Problem

1. No Volume

No volume is the biggest issue associated with the volume system of Fios TV. Honestly, it can be frustrating to turn on your favorite channel, and the volume doesn’t come on. So, with this section, we are sharing the solutions to fix the no volume issue!

2. TV’s Volume

You will use a Fios connection on your TV, so if there is no volume, you need to check the TV’s volume and make sure it is turned on. You need to turn on the TV’s volume through the main TV remote. If your TV remote has a mute button, you can press it once, and the TV volume will come up. On the other hand, if you cannot find the mute button, use the high volume button to increase the TV’s volume.

3. Switch The App

If you are using it on the smart TV, there are high chances that you have other streaming apps installed on the TV. Having said that, we suggest that you switch to another streaming app on your TV. This is because there might be some configuration error with the Fios, which can be fixed by reconnecting to the channel after some time. We suggest that you change the app and play some content on it for ten to fifteen seconds. Then, switch back to Fios TV and try checking the volume.

4. HDMI Cable

When there is a volume issue, there are high chances of a compatibility issue between the TV and your set-top box. Since it’s the HDMI cable that creates the connection between your TV and set-top box, you need to inspect the cable. In some cases, just plugging out and re-plugging the HDMI cable will resolve everything. However, when you plug out the HDMI cable, wait for ten seconds before you plug it back in.

5. Stereo Output

The volume feature is one of the most important parts of using Fios TV, and it depends on the stereo output. So, when the volume stops working, you need to remember that optimizing the stereo output of your Verizon set-top box is essential. If you don’t know the correct optimization instructions, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the menu on your TV
  • Move to the setup button
  • Scroll down to the audio setup option
  • Then, move to the “select to optimize” button
  • Press the OK button, and the stereo will be optimized

Once the stereo output is optimized, we are sure that the volume will start working optimally.

6. Bypass The Sound System

It is common for people to use multiple electronic components between the set-top box and TV, but they can interfere with the connection, which leads to volume-related issues. Having said that, you have to bypass your sound system by removing all the extra components and connecting your set-top box directly to the TV – you can use the ports designed on the back of the TV. In simpler words, you have to remove the sound system because it’s not a reliable intermediary.

7. Reboot The TV

In some cases, a reboot can handle everything, including the volume issue. To reboot the Fios TV, you have to turn off your TV and switch it back on. It is recommended to keep the TV turned off for a few minutes because it helps revert the TV to its original form, including the settings. This is because the reboot can clear the memory, which helps resolve the minor issues, including the volume issues. We are certain that rebooting the TV will resolve the volume issue.

8. Reset Your Set-Top Box

Another solution to try is the reset. This is because the configuration errors with the set-top box can hinder the connection, which negatively impacts the volume feature. It doesn’t matter which reset method you are using; you must put your Fios device in the on position. The first reset method is to press the power button of the device and hold it for around fifteen seconds. Then, release it, and the reset will be complete.

The second reset method is to take out the power cord from the set-top box and wait for ten seconds before you plug it back in. Keep in mind that you have to remove the power cable because some people mistakenly remove the coaxial cable, which doesn’t work (obviously!). The best thing about resetting the set-top box is that you don’t have to worry about losing your saved settings, so all the favorite channels and device codes will be saved.

9. Remote Control’s Pairing

Pairing is extremely important for a remote, which is why proper pairing is essential for the remote control’s features and buttons to work properly. To begin with, you need to ensure that you are using the right remote control (it must be compatible with Fios as well as the TV). Secondly, you need to consult the instruction manual to determine the correct pairing instructions. Last but not least, make sure that the remote control has fresh batteries because the old or worn-out batteries can hinder the overall response rate!

The Bottom Line

All the solutions mentioned in this article are highly likely to bring back the volume. However, if it doesn’t, you have to contact Fios customer support as they can help with backend troubleshooting. When you contact customer support, they will connect you with someone from the technical team, and they will explain the potential solutions or might as well send someone to your home for mechanical repair.

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