How To Stop Verizon Fios Box From Beeping? (3 Tips)

how to stop verizon fios box from beeping
how to stop verizon fios box from beeping

Verizon Fios has become the ultimate choice for people who want access to desired TV channels that they cannot get from the traditional cable services. In addition, Verizon Fios allows users to select their favorite channels and schedule content downloads. For this purpose, the company offers a set-top box, which has to be connected to the TV for streaming the content. However, the users have been complaining about the beeping sounds in the Verizon Fios box, so let’s check out the ways to stop this beeping!

How To Stop Verizon Fios Box From Beeping

Stopping the beeping is quite convenient because, in most cases, replacing and tweaking the battery resolves the problem. However, there are some other solutions that you can try, such as;

1. Battery

The battery is one of the most important components of the Verizon Fios box, and when it has some mechanical errors, it will start making a beeping sound. In case your Fios box is still in warranty, you can contact customer support for a free battery replacement. On the other hand, if the warranty period is over, you will have to get a replacement battery on your own. Usually, a replacement battery can be expensive but you can use any lead-acid battery with 12V and 7.2Ah configuration as it’s affordable and will work fine for two to four years.

2. Silence The Battery

Many people don’t know this, but the Verizon Fios box is designed with the silence battery button, which can help you stop the sounds coming out of the box, particularly if they are made by the battery. So, you have to look for the silence battery button on the box and press it for three to five seconds. As a result, the beeping will stop for around one day – keep in mind that it’s a temporary solution.

3. Disconnect The Battery

When it comes down to the Verizon Fios box, they are integrated with a battery to help you stream the content and watch your favorite channels while there is a power outage. However, if you have electricity, it is suggested that you disconnect the battery for some time. To disconnect the battery, you have to disconnect the black and red plug connector from the box’s battery, disconnect the battery from the clips, and slide it out. Once the battery is out, wait for a few minutes and connect the battery again.

To reconnect the battery, you have to connect the plug connectors to the battery (the black connector should be connected with the negative terminal, and use a red connector for the positive terminal). Then, slide in the battery and make sure the plug connectors are put in place. Last but not least, make sure that you put on the battery cover in place to make sure the battery doesn’t move.

The Bottom Line

The beeping sound of the Verizon Fios box is caused by a battery. For this reason, if your box is making a beeping sound, try to replace the battery or use a silence button. However, if these solutions don’t work, call Verizon customer support!

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  1. I hear a beeping noise coming from my basement. Sounds like coming from a Verizon box. I saw previous articles on resetting battery but box seems to small and has a small green like on all the time. I did unplug the box for 2 minutes but still doing just not as often. Please advise

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