Verizon Fios Program Information Not Available: 7 Fixes

verizon fios program information not available
verizon fios program information not available

Verizon is one of the top choices for everyone who likes to access a high-speed internet connection.  Similarly, Verizon has added the FiOS program with which fiber optic cable is used for carrying data to the computer, resulting in a promising internet connection.

On the contrary, people are bugged with Verizon FiOS program information not available. So, let’s see how we can fix this issue!

Verizon Fios Program Information Not Available

1) Heat

This is one of the most common issues but it is highly undermined. With this being said, if the Verizon router is too hot, there are chances that it will lead to various errors. For this reason, switch off the Verizon router and wait for around five minutes to ensure routers are cooled down. Once the router cools down, switch it off and the program information might be available again.

2) Software Update

While using the internet connection with Verizon, you would know that there are various software updates available (on a regular basis). Similarly, if the software update is not completed, it will lead to the program information not available errors. For this reason, you will need to ensure that the software update on the Verizon router completes.

3) Internet Connection

Usually, such errors occur because of internet connection issues. For this reason, users need to ensure that the internet connection on the Verizon router is working properly. In addition, make sure that the router is working properly and is not turned off. This is because the router is not connected, the program information will not be available.

4) Reboot

Yes, we are suggesting the Verizon router reboot. For rebooting the router, you need to remove the AC cord from the router as well as the set-top box. The reboot is actually great since it tends to force information back on the line. So, when the router switches on after a reboot, the program information will be readily available.

5) Reset

Truth be told, rebooting the Verizon router should fix the issue, but if it doesn’t, opting for the factory reset is a fine choice. You can factory reset the router by pressing the reset button for ten to twenty seconds. Resetting the router will delete the incorrect configuration (that might be causing the unavailability of program information). To summarize, reset will resolve the issue.

6) Connections

We have already shed light on the importance of internet connection for FiOS to share program information but the physical connections are also important. For instance, you would surely be using the coax connection, splitters, and connectors. In addition, some people also use STB with their Verizon FiOS. For this purpose, the users need to ensure that all the components are working properly and are connected tightly. In addition, the coaxial cables must be plugged in securely.

7) Hardware Issues

If none of these troubleshooting methods seem to resolve your issue with FiOS program information, there are chances of hardware issues. This is because hardware issues with Verizon router can adversely influence the features and functionality. So, get the router checked by the technician and they shall work on the hardware issues. On the contrary, you can also ask Verizon for router replacement if it’s still in warranty!

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