Mediacom On-Demand Not Working: 4 Fixes

mediacom on demand not working
mediacom on demand not working

Mediacom doesn’t only have Live TV streaming, but there is much more that is being offered by them. That includes on-demand service that has tons of media content that anyone would want to watch on their TVs. The on-demand service has all the movies, serials, sporting events, and whatnot.

So, most people are addicted to the on-demand service more than they are using their live TV subscription. If it stops working for some reason, that can be troublesome and you will have to find a workaround for it. If the On-demand service is not working, here is what you will need to do.

Mediacom On-Demand Not Working

1) Restart the box

The decoder box is the key to the connection between the Mediacom servers and your TV. So, if there are any such issues, you will have to restart the box from scratch and that will help you make it work again. All you will need to do is take the power cord off your decoder box and then plug it back in after a while. That is going to help you get rid of any errors or issues that might be causing your on-demand service to not work.

2) Check the cables

You should also be checking the cables that are connected to the box and make sure that there are not any issues with it. If the cables are hanging loose or they might not be attached properly, then you will face issues with on-demand service not working. So simply inspect all the cables for damages and that will help you figure out the problems for you.

Also, you should be disconnecting the cables once and then connect these cables to the box again. That will help you work it out perfectly and you will never have to worry about the issue again.

3) Reset the Cable Box

If you are unable to make it work after the above troubleshooting steps, then you will have to reset the cable box once. That is going to help you out perfectly and you will make the best use of it. To reset the cable box, you need to unplug the coaxial cable from the cable box, and then keep the reset button pressed for 30 seconds.

The lights will flash after 30 seconds and that will reset the decoder box. Once the box is reset, you will be able to use the on-demand service without any issues.

4) Contact Mediacom

If nothing has worked out for you so far, you will need to contact Mediacom and that will help you figure out the problem perfectly. Mediacom will be able to diagnose the problem thoroughly for you. Whatever the problem might be, like the software issue, with the account or simply with the hardware equipment.

Mediacom will be able to not only figure out the issue that is causing you the trouble but will also be able to fix the problem for good. Contacting Mediacom will ensure that the problem will be fixed for sure and you don’t have to face it again.

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