How To Disconnect DirecTV From WiFi?

disconnect directv from wifi
disconnect directv from wifi

DirecTV is usually used by people who need satellite TV services. The TV services deliver the local news, entertainment channels, and weather channels.

In addition, DirecTV offers internet plans for people. Coming to the point, DirecTV comes with the receiver, and the users ask how to disconnect DirecTV from Wi-Fi. With this article, we are sharing the information you need!

Disconnect DirecTV From WiFi

DirecTV, is the website that allows users to manage the account on an online basis once they have signed up for the service. That being said, if you want to disconnect the internet connection, you will need to sign in on the website. The users can enter the password and username for signing into DirecTV. Once the users have logged in, they need to open the “my account” option.

It will open a new window. From the new window, you have to choose the “manage services” option and choose the selected packaging. In particular, you’ve to choose the package that you are connected to the internet connection. When you click on the package, hit on the disconnect button. It will open the new pop-up windows that you need to follow, and the internet connection will be disconnected.

Disconnecting The Router From DirecTV

In case you don’t want to disconnect DirecTV from an internet connection by logging into the website, you can disconnect the router. For this purpose, you have to connect the DirecTV device with the TV. So, for that reason, you have to open the menu and scroll down to the settings and help tab. From this tab, you have to go for the settings, in particular.

From settings, click on the internet setup and move down to the advanced setup. Once the advanced setup is opened up, you have to click on the “reset network configuration” option. As a result, the router will be disconnected from DirecTV.

Should You Connect The DirecTV DVR To The Internet?

We have already mentioned two different ways of disconnecting DirecTV from Wi-Fi, such as from the official website and from the router. However, “should you connect the DirecTV DVR to the internet?” is the real question. For the most part, the internet connection has become an important part of the installation process. On the other hand, what happens when you don’t use the internet?

It’s important to outline that users don’t need an internet connection for using DirecTV service. It is obvious that users can lose out on various shows and content. In addition, if you don’t connect to the internet, you won’t be able to order the pay-per-view TV shows and movies (through the receiver, of course). Even more, some searches might become slow (even incomplete).

If DirecTV is not connected to the internet, you won’t be able to use the Score Guide and Pandora. This is because these two services and apps need a stable internet connection for working. Also, DirecTV needs an internet connection for the Weather app. All in all, if you can live with these lacking apps and services, you can simply disconnect the Wi-Fi.

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  1. Thank you for your information. If I go into settings and hit the reset button does this also disconnect the genie from the wi-fi? I am trying to increase the speed of my Wi-Fi so I can stream without buffering.

  2. I have a problem with getting a message in the upper right hand corner of the tv saying not connected to the wi-fi. I know that. It’s connected directly to the router. I just want to get rid of the message in the right hand corner and prevent the thing from trying to connect to the wi-fi.

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