US Cellular Phone Not Receiving Texts: 4 Ways To Fix

us cellular phone not receiving texts
us cellular phone not receiving texts

US Cellular is not only one of the major carriers in the US, but they are also offering you access to some of the latest smartphones that you can keep using and pay for it as a part of your monthly bill. This helps you in upgrading or getting access to those expensive phones without having to spend hefty amounts upfront for it.

These phones work out great, and the only catch is that you cannot use any other carrier on these phones. If your US Cellular phone is not receiving texts, here is what you will have to do.

US Cellular Phone Not Receiving Texts

1) Restart the phone

The first thing that you should be doing is to restart your phone and that is going to help you perfectly with solving the problem. Restarting the phone will reboot all the software and hardware components on it. Not only that but once you have run a power cycle on your phone, it will attempt to connect with the US Cellular network again.

This is going to help you in fixing the issue for good and if there are some issues that are causing you to not receiving texts on your US Cellular phone, you will get them fixed for good.

2) Check on the Settings

There are also some settings that you need to take care of. All the calls, SMS, MMS, and Data have settings that keep them connected to the server and you will have to fix them. There is not much legwork that you will have to worry about and it can be solved in no time at all.

You will need to reset the text settings and then restart your phone once. That is going to help out perfectly and after that, there are not any issues that you will have to deal with on your US Cellular phone with receiving the texts or anything like that.

3) Reset the device

Another thing that you can possibly try is to reset the phone to factory settings. It might cause you a bit of trouble as all the data and settings that you might have on your phone will be removed for good.

Simply put, resetting the device will not only be clearing out all the issues and problems that you are having on your phone, but it will be like a brand-new phone and you will have to set it up again. The best part is that these problems are most likely to be solved and you will not have to face any issues on it again with the text messages not receiving.

4) Update the Firmware

You will also have to ensure that the firmware on your US Cellular phone is up-to-date. This won’t take much and you will only have to update the firmware from the settings on your phone. You will only have to go to the settings menu and then go to software settings.

After that, your US Cellular phone will be downloading the right software and then it will install the firmware. This is most likely going to solve the problem for you and you will start receiving texts on your US Cellular phone again.

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