Unfortunately, T-Mobile Has Stopped: 6 Ways To Fix

unfortunately t mobile has stopped
unfortunately t mobile has stopped

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that apps tend to ease things up. Similarly, people can use their network apps for accessing mobile plans. With this being said, T-Mobile has designed its app for users who need to maintain their accounts through the smartphone. However, some users are struggling with the “Unfortunately, T-Mobile has stopped” error. So, let’s see the troubleshooting methods!

Unfortunately, T-Mobile Has Stopped

1) Reinstall

If you are a T-Mobile app user and the app has stopped working for you, we suggest that you delete the app. In addition, once you delete the app, reinstall it after some time, and it will probably fix the issue. Also, before you delete the app, we suggest that you clear the data and cache from the app because it helps get rid of excessive data that might be congesting the app.

2) Operating System

This is purely based on consumer experiences. So, if you are using the T-Mobile app on your Android phone, it is highly likely to create issues for you. With this being said, if you have the iPhone on hand, we suggest that you download the T-Mobile app on your iPhone, and it will probably work properly.

3) Easy Mode

When it comes down to the Android phone, the easy mode allows the users to choose the apps that can appear on the home screen in huge icons. However, the T-Mobile app doesn’t work properly when you’ve switched on the easy mode on your Android phone. With this being said, we suggest that you switch off the easy mode, and the app will start working optimally.

4) Force Close

Some users are unable to delete the T-Mobile app from their phone because the uninstall buttons become grey. Consequently, we suggest that you tap on the force close button, and it is highly likely to solve the issue. For this purpose, open the settings, go to apps, scroll down to T-Mobile, and press the force close button. Once you force close the T-Mobile app, restart your phone, and the error will be sorted.

5) Data Usage

Some people struggle with the app stopping issue because they have switched on the background data usage. So, if you have switched on the background data usage, we suggest that you switch off the background data usage settings. That’s to say, because this setting will limit the data consumption on the app, hence leading to strange errors.

6) Update

If you are receiving errors on the app or if the app is not working, there are chances of bugs in the app. However, these bugs can be easily fixed through app updates. With this being said, you should check for the T-Mobile app update from the Google Play Store or App Store. If there is an update available, we suggest that you install the update, and it’ll probably fix the error.

The bottom line is that this error can be easily fixed, and there is nothing to worry about. However, suppose the troubleshooting methods don’t work. In that case, we suggest that you call T-Mobile and ask if there is a technical glitch at the backend.

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  1. Install the Tracphone app from google play store, register it with your email address but don’t activate it. I did this and the popup hasn’t recurred for 1/2 hr and counting.

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