uBlock Origin Not Working In Incognito: 3 Ways To Fix

ublock origin not working incognito
ublock origin not working incognito

The Internet allows people to search for information about things they were not aware of. Additionally, you can even play games, listen to music or watch movies on the service. There are tons of features provided to users who have a stable internet connection. Though, one thing to note is that most websites usually contain a lot of ads.

These are usually made so that the website can earn money through clicks generated by people. However, most users find these ads quite annoying to deal with. This is why people decide to go for ad-blocking extensions.

Out of which one of the best ones to use is uBlock Origin. While this is amazing to use, some people have reported that uBlock Origin is not working in incognito mode. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a few steps that should be able to fix this.

uBlock Origin Not Working In Incognito

  1. Enable in Incognito Mode

When trying to use extensions on your browser. The user should note that these are specifically bound to your current browser’s network. When opening up an incognito tab, the network created is completely separate from your current one.

Considering this, none of your extensions will now work in the new tab. Though, if the user wants their extensions to be enabled even when using incognito mode then they can allow it from the settings. This is quite simple and usually, people forget to do this. If you had also not done this then that might be why you are getting this problem.

Start by opening up the extensions on your browser through its settings. You will then notice that each extension has a small checkbox beneath it. You can click in ‘allow in incognito’ to set up the configuration. After this, whenever the user boots up incognito mode, their extension will also work in it.

  1. Reboot Browser

If you are still getting the same problem then your settings might have not changed correctly. This is quite a common problem and the user needs to reboot their browser once the changes have been applied.

This is why you should go back to your settings and see if the checkbox is still checked. If it is not then do so and then close your browser. Now wait for a few minutes and open it back again. You will now notice that your uBlock Origin is working even when you go to incognito mode.

  1. Re-Install Extension

People who are still getting the same issue should note that the problem can be from their extension instead. Either there is a new update available on it or the extension has some errors in its configurations.

You will have to completely remove the extension and then download a new file directly from its website. Make sure that you install the latest version to avoid running into the same problem. Once this is done, the user can allow the extension in incognito mode again. Finally, your problem should now be gone and you can start using the service.

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