U-verse Wireless Gateway Not Found: 3 Fixes

u verse wireless gateway not found
u verse wireless gateway not found

AT&T U Verse is the right thing that you can have to get a Cable TV subscription over a wireless connection. It allows you to have the perfect streaming experience, HD quality video on the TV channels, and a wide range of channels too.

The best thing that you get to have with the U Verse AT&T is that you can use it on all the TVs that you might have on your place, and still get the best edge of streaming with the perfect quality on all the TVs. If the U Verse says wireless gateway not found, here are a few things that you need to take care of.

U-verse Wireless Gateway Not Found

1) Restart the Gateway

It is wireless, and there is not much left to take care of if you are running these things wirelessly. The Gateway might have developed some sorts of error or bug on it that might be causing the issues with connectivity and it can cause you to face error messages and problems of all sorts including the one with Gateway not Found. You will need to take care of it by restarting the gateway.

The only thing that you will have to be careful about is, making it work by restarting all of the gateways that you have installed on the TVs. You will need to check on every gateway installed and restart them all one by one before trying to make it work. This will help you out perfectly and you will be able to get it going without facing the problem again.

2) Reset the gateway

If a restart is not working out for you, then you need to make it work be resetting it in the right manner to all the default settings. It is pretty simple and there are not many things that you will have to do. You just have to access the settings and then reset all the settings to default. After that, you can reboot the gateway once and that will help you out in making it work perfectly fine.

Resetting it to the default settings will ensure that there are no problems with the settings so you will not have to deal with the problem with gateway not found error causing you to have interruptions with your streaming experience again.

3) Update the App

After you have tried both restarting and resetting the gateways, then there is not much left to be covered. You will only have to take care about the app and update it in the right manner. This will help you figure it out if any of the gateways then there must be some problem with the application that can cause you to have trouble.

You will have to make sure that you are uninstalling the application from your device that you are running, and having this issue. After that, just reboot it once and then install the updated version of the application. This is going to make it work properly and you will never have to worry about problems of this sort again.

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