TLV-11 – Unrecognized OID Message: 6 Ways To Fix

tlv-11 - unrecognized oid
tlv-11 – unrecognized oid

Internet connections are common (or may we say mandatory) for every space. For the same reason, some people are using the cable modems since they are famous for less interruptions in the internet signals. On the contrary, TLV-11 – unrecognized OID message has been bugging with the users with cable modems. Let’s see what this is all about!

TLV-11 – Unrecognized OID Message

Before we start with the troubleshooting methods, it’s essential to understand why this error is occurring. This error message means that the configuration files have information from a different vendor. In some cases, the information of multiple vendors in the configuration files. The configuration files are essential for delivering the how-to for specific functions for the vendors.

When the configuration has information from multiple brands, it results in TLV-11 – unrecognized OID message. This error usually occurs when the cable modem is registering but doesn’t impact the operations. On the contrary, if you are struggling with connectivity issues, we have the troubleshooting methods mentioned below;

1) Call ISP

Your first instinct should be calling the internet service provider or the internet carrier. This is because they can better handle the modem. When you call the internet service provider, inform them about TLV-11 – unrecognized OID message. The internet service provider will make changes to the modem, and it will resolve the issue with the configuration files.

2) Firmware Upgrade

For people who don’t want to call the internet service provider or cannot call them, you must look for a firmware upgrade. This is because the firmware upgrade will fix the majority of configuration issues and bugs. For downloading the firmware upgrade, open the official website of the cable modem brand, and check for the firmware update.

In case the firmware upgrade is available, download and install it on the modem. When the installation is complete, the cable modem will reboot, and we are pretty sure the TLV-11 – unrecognized OID message will be eliminated. Also, we suggest that you regularly check for the firmware upgrades because it helps with the connectivity as well.

3) Reset

TLV-11 – unrecognized OID message is all about incorrect vendor information in the configuration files of the cable modem. That being said, resetting the cable modem will ensure that the incorrect information is deleted. In addition, the reset will help delete the incorrect settings, and the cable modem will be reset to the original settings.

For resetting the cable modem, you need to look for the reset button. The users will need to press the reset button for five to ten seconds for proper. After these seconds, the cable modem will be reset, and the default configuration files will be set. As a result, TLV-11 – unrecognized OID message is highly likely to go away.

4) Reboot

In some cases, the reboot can resolve minor configuration issues. The reboot tends to work with TLV-11 – unrecognized OID message if the one other vendor information is added to the configuration files. That being said, the users can reboot the cable modem by pulling out the power cable. Then, wait for ten to fifteen minutes before you insert the power cable again. As a result, the configuration issues will be resolved.

5) Registration

For people who need to use the cable modem without TLV-11 – unrecognized OID message or other errors, they must register the cable modem. This is because when the cable is registered, it only receives the configuration files of the registered carrier. For registering the cable modem, you will need to contact the modem manufacturer.

6) Order Information

When you order the cable modem and have TLV-11 – unrecognized OID message on it, you need to call the modem manufacturer. It’s best to contact the account team. This is because whenever there is an issue with orders, it might create an issue with different systems. The users can suspect the misalignment in the systems, which is causing the configuration issues.

When you call the accounts team, they will check out the order number and see if the information feeding was incorrect. In case such issues are observed, they will troubleshoot your cable modem from their end. If the troubleshooting doesn’t work, they might ask you to send the cable modem back. In simpler words, they will offer replacement services for the cable modem.

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