Check Bluetooth Radio Status Not Fixed (8 Fixes)

check bluetooth radio status not fixed
check bluetooth radio status not fixed

With an ultimate increase in the number of smartphone users, the number of technologies has increased significantly, aimed at catering to diverse needs. One such technology was Bluetooth, which was extensively used to share files and media among devices for faster transfer. However, Bluetooth technology has enhanced significantly over the years.

Check Bluetooth Radio Status Not Fixed

That’s to say because Bluetooth now enabled the users to move files and media without tethering. On the other hand, Bluetooth isn’t being a reliable option for utilizing wireless devices. So, if your Bluetooth radio status isn’t properly fixed, it is advised to go through this page. In this article, we have outlined the potential issues and troubleshooting tips for better Bluetooth connection and status!

1) Switch It On

The majority of users are complaining about insufficient Bluetooth connectivity when they haven’t even switched on Bluetooth on their system. This confusion lies in the fact that “Bluetooth radio symbol is switched on in the taskbar.” However, this doesn’t always mean that Bluetooth is switched on. To check the switch, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the taskbar and click on the Windows option
  • Tap on the expand button
  • Click on the Bluetooth symbol if it’s gray
  • Once the Bluetooth symbol is blue, the Bluetooth radio has been switched on

2) Restarting The Bluetooth Radio

If you are facing the issue even after switching on the Bluetooth radio, restart it by switching it off and on twice. This restart regime will fix the unknown issues that end users are usually unaware of. You can restart the Bluetooth radio through the notification or taskbar. Make sure the symbol is blue rather than gray because that shows switched on settings.

3) Battery

There are high chances that your Bluetooth device has run out of battery because that will lead to connectivity issues as well. Before moving to the tech-savvy solutions, try charging or replacing the batteries to ensure the issue isn’t caused by batteries.

4) Restarting The PC

Restarting the device is always considered cliché, but believe us, this simple hack tends to be the most effective one. This is because by restarting the PC, you get the clean slate, and all the junk programs are called off. In addition, it tends to fix the hardware issues, so it worth your shot.

5) Device Distance and Bluetooth Interference

It is needless to say that Bluetooth devices connect through the radio waves, and any interruption in signals will lead to connectivity issues. For instance, the interruptions can be physical and wireless because the frequency of microwaves and the thick brick wall will impose equally adverse impacts. In this case, reduce the distance between the PC and the Bluetooth device.

In addition, you can put both systems in close proximity and see if it fixes the issue. Last but not least, you can always use third-party apps and software to check the signal strength of Bluetooth.

6) Bluetooth Device Drivers

For everyone struggling with the Bluetooth radio signal connectivity issues, there are high chances that you are using the outdated drivers. It is advised to check the official website of the PC to see if they offer Bluetooth drivers. In addition, you need to ensure that chipset is automatically installed in the driver. There are instances when a new Windows update impacts the Bluetooth connectivity.

7) Remove and Re-Pair

If you are still facing the issue, try removing the Bluetooth device by disconnecting it from the PC. This means that you need to remove the currently connected Bluetooth device, make it “forget” from the device, and establish the connection again. This will reboot the possible connectivity issues. In addition to that, you need to restart the PC once you have removed and re-paired the Bluetooth device.

8) Windows 10 Troubleshooter

You might not be aware of this, but Windows 10 has been integrated with a built-in troubleshooter. This troubleshooter has the tendency to fix the majority of issues. The troubleshooter will check the Bluetooth radio and other device settings and identify the issues. If there are some issues, you will be informed. The best thing about the troubleshooter is that you will be shown how the apparent issue could be solved. However, most of the time, the troubleshooter will fix the issues itself.

4 thoughts on “Check Bluetooth Radio Status Not Fixed (8 Fixes)”

  1. What if the option for off and on does not appear in the bluetooth settings and bluetooth won’t appear on my expanded taskbar? what should I do?
    The troubleshoot says the radio status is unfixed, but I cannot find how to access the radio at all.

    • Wait! I figured it out. Go to device manager, right click on the expanded bluetooth (mine said intel), click on properties, then drivers, then “roll back driver.” That fixed it right away.

  2. I physically removed the Bluetooth/Network adapter card from the motherboard, pulled the 2 pins (black and white), and push it back in.

    Restarted the computer and it fixed the problem.

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