TiVo Signal Strength: Why Is It Important?

tivo signal strength
tivo signal strength

If you enjoy watching television at your house then you most likely own a cable modem. These devices catch signals coming from the network towers to provide you with different channels. Aside from this, some digital boxes can provide you with the same services but by using your internet connection instead.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture these devices and TiVo is also one of them. The features on these devices usually depend on which model you select. Additionally, there are a ton of other services that you can purchase with these as well. Although, it is important to note that most brands will charge their users an additional fee depending on the number of packages they subscribe to.

TiVo Signal Strength

Most devices give off a reading that you can use to identify the signal it is receiving and its quality. If you have any problems with your channels being too blurry or getting stuck while you are watching them. Then you can use these readings to understand what the problem can be. While some companies give these readings in numerical values, TiVo gives their users the reading in percentage instead. The higher the value, the better quality your channels will have. However, you should note that signal strength is far more important than quality.

Why Is It Important?

Although this usually depends on the company, your television should be receiving 100% signal strength at all times. This indicates that the device is receiving the signals without any problem and will work as it is intended to. If the signals even drop slightly then you will start to notice lag or different issues on your channels. Usually, this is caused by some interference in the frequency coming from the towers. Although, you can fix it by re-tuning your channels from the settings of your device.

Why 100% Signals Don’t Mean Anything

While you might think that having a 100% signal strength on your TiVo device means that you are getting the best possible signals. This is not the case; the strength rating usually indicates how many signals the current antennas on your device can receive. If you are still getting problems with the quality on your channels or getting issues with audio even while you are at a 100% strength rating. Then this most likely means that you should get your device upgraded. This is usually needed when you are using a really old model of device from TiVo.

The customer support team should be able to provide you with an upgrade if you contact them. This can be done either online or by making a call to their helpline. The users have the option to get their device upgraded or get a new signal receiver installed. Although, you should keep in mind that the problem can also be from the company’s backend. The towers might be damaged or they can be running an update on their servers. Whatever the case might be the customer support team should notify you about it.

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