3 Common TiVo OnePass Problems (Troubleshooting)

tivo onepass problems
tivo onepass problems

TiVo provides its users with digital cable boxes that can be used to watch their favorite movies and shows. The device also has a lot of other useful features that you can use. These include the DVR service which allows you to record shows. Additionally, one other useful service is their OnePass. This requires the users to pay a subscription fee for it. But users can then start enjoying the features it provides. The best thing about it that

OnePass automatically makes a list of all the episodes available for the shows you are watching and then makes a library for you. This makes it easy to binge these without having to search for every episode separately. While the TiVo OnePass is an amazing service, you might still get some problems with it. These can be quite frustrating to deal with, this is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common issues and how you can fix them.

TiVo OnePass Problems

  1. OnePass Not Adding Shows to Library

In some cases, users might notice that their OnePass service has stopped adding shows to their library. If this happens to you then the best way to get rid of this error is by re-installing the service on your device. This usually happens when there is a problem with your settings. You might have accidentally changed some of these which caused this. It can be quite difficult to pinpoint the exact file so it is better that you reconfigure your program instead.

For TiVo’s Bolt and Roamio devices, OnePass can found by searching for it and then opening up its manager. Although you are using the Premiere Series from them then the program can be found under the shows list. Complete delete the manager and then re-install it after some time. The program should now welcome the user and take them to its set-up page. This should most likely fix the problem you are getting on your device. Keep in mind that changing files that you are unfamiliar with can cause a lot more errors.

  1. OnePass Not Recording

Users might notice that their OnePass stops recording their shows through the DVR service. This usually happens when your device fails to establish a stable connection with the internet. This can be a problem from the backend of your ISP. To confirm this, it is recommended that you use another device to test your connection. There are a lot of applications online internet that allow users to test the speed of your internet. Use them and check if the speeds you are getting match up with the package you are subscribed with.

If the results are low then you should check what type of connection you are using. Usually, Wi-Fi connections have an unstable speed and can disconnect often. To fix this, you can either move your devices closer to each other. Alternatively, you can install an additional router in your home. This will allow your connection to have a better spread so that your TiVo cable modem can receive the signals without any problems. Lastly, you can contact your ISP and get your connection upgraded. This is in case your current internet speed is too slow.

  1. OnePass Not Working

Sometimes the TiVo OnePass can stop working completely. You can get rid of this problem by re-installing the program. But for some users, the set-up page does not load even after they install OnePass again. This is a technical issue, and it is recommended that you contact the support team for TiVo if it happens. Tell them about your issue and make sure that you don’t leave out anything.

The company should then be able to check their servers and identify what might be causing this problem. You should note that it might take some time for the error to get fixed so you should wait patiently. If the problem is on your device then the company will most likely send in a person from their team. They will either fix your device or provide you with a replacement. Usually, if you run out of warranty on your device then you have to purchase a new one.

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