3 Ways To Fix TiVo Error S03

tivo error s03
tivo error s03

TiVo is naturally the best option for you to consider if you are looking for something extraordinary. These DVRs are certainly the best ones out there in the market with the stability offered by Linux and tons of impressive features on it as well.

All that would make you consider the TiVo for the next DVRs, but you should also know about the common errors that you might get on them.

If you already own a TiVo or you are looking to get one for yourself, the most common error you can find on it is SO3 error, and here are a few things you ought to know about it.

TiVo Error S03: What Does It Mean?

SO3 is the error message that is triggered in case there is an error found on the TiVo guide update. If the TiVo guide is not being updated at all, or there is some sort of error and the TiVo guide wasn’t updated properly, you will be seeing this error message in the messages and setup option. It should not be hard to fix, and you just have to follow a few easy steps to solve the problem.

1) Force Update

The first thing that you need to do is triggering a force update for the guide. It is pretty simple, and your TiVo automatically updates the guide at least once a day. However, if there is some error, you will have to do it manually.

To make that happen, you will need to navigate to “Messages and Settings” button. Here, you will find a settings menu and under that, there is an option to click “Network and Phone”.

Once you click on that button, it will take you to a sub-menu with the option to trigger an update manually. This is going to help you out properly, and you will not have to face any problem with the SO3 error again after this.

2) Restart

The best way to solve all sorts of temporary errors and bugs is running a power cycle. This restarts all the hardware and software components on the TiVo and if there is some error like SO3 caused due to some bug or there is some confusion, it will be cleared out properly.

You will only need to turn off your TiVo for a few minutes and then start it over from scratch. After that, try it out and if the error still persists, you will need to force an update once again to get it going.

3) Reset

Lastly, if nothing so far has worked out for you, then there might be something wrong with the settings that needs your attention. You will have to make it work properly with the settings, and check on all the settings if they are fine.

If you are unable to locate any apparent reasons on the settings for it to not update, it would be better if you reset your TiVo to default settings as that will clear out all the errors and will update the firmware as well. This will be clearing out all errors including SO3 for you.

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