What Is TF64SIMC4 Sim Card? (Explained)

tf64simc4 sim card
tf64simc4 sim card

Are you stuck on activating your SIM card? Have been searching the internet to find information about unlocking SIM Card? Still unsatisfied with the search results? Fortunately, you are in luck as you have landed here. In this article, you are sure to find all the necessary information that you may need about TF64SIMc4 SIM Card. Read on to know how to unlock your sim card with the help of TF64SIMc4.

What Is TF64SIMC4 Sim Card?

TF64SIMC4 is a label a kind of code that indicates a network connection with the carrier mainly AT&T. This code is related to a Sim card of the new updated version. These modern Sim cards come with an extra storage capacity which is greater than their older outdated counterparts. The new SIM cards offered by TracFone are most likely consist of this code or you can that they are labeled as TF64SIMC4 Sim cards. It may be used to connect to the network of AT&T or it nay link you to the network of T-Mobile. These Sim Cards have a full serial numbering that comprises of 20 digits starting with 890141.

What is a PUK Code?

PUK actually means Personal Unblocking Key. The PUK code is nothing but a set of numeric digits specifically made to unlock your blocked Sim card. The code activates the pin blocked Sim card. This PUK code is a unique PIN code that has eight alphanumeric digits to unlock your SIM card. The code varies with the Sim card and a single code cannot be used with all kinds of Sim card.

This code is needed to activate the Sim card by unlocking it using the eight-digit PIN number. You should always make sure to enter only the correct PIN code because you are only given a limited number of tries. You are usually given 10 attempts out of which only 3 could be incorrect. While entering your PUK code, if you make mistakes more than three times, your Sim gets blocked permanently forever. It is irreversible and cannot be solved. In this case, you would only be left with the option of going out to buy a new SIM card.

How To Get a PUK Code?

Usually, there are only two ways in which you can obtain the PUK code of your sim card. That is, you can either get the PUK code by referring at the back of the card that comes accompanied with your sim card or you can try contacting the authorized provider of your Sim card.

Whenever you go to buy a Sim card, you must have noticed that it comes packed within a proper casing. Within that casing, you will find a card in which your Sim card is contained usually. At the back of this casing card, you will find the PUK code of your sim card in a scratch-able hidden manner. Just scratch the upper Silver colored code and you’ll find the PUK code written below the color-coding. After scratching the rectangular box properly, you will be revealed to the PUK code of your sim card.

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