Tethering/Mobile AP Is Unavailable: 4 Ways to Fix

tethering/mobile ap is unavailable
tethering/mobile ap is unavailable

During the past couple of years, one frequent problem that has been reported by some AT&T mobile users is encountering an error message saying “Tethering/Mobile AP is unavailable a network issue may be preventing the use of mobile data.” This error message prevents users from using their mobile data.

Although it is not a very common error message and only a few users have reported it, still you may encounter it if you are an AT&T user. Typically the users have reported encountering the error message after changing their smartphone or after doing a system update of their phone.

Tethering/Mobile AP Is Unavailable

If you are facing the same issue of Tethering/Mobile AP is unavailable then here are a few steps which you can take to try and fix the issue.

1) The hotspot usually requires AT&T branded phones. So if you are facing the issue of Tethering/Mobile AP is unavailable you may need to switch to an AT&T branded device. Sometimes, the hotspot may accidentally work on a device that is not AT&T branded. However, you cannot be sure as to how long the hotspot will work on a non-branded device. It can get disabled at any moment. So the best practice is that if you want to use a hotspot with your AT&T connection, then you should go for an AT&T branded phone.

2) If you are using an AT&T branded phone and still, you are facing the issue then you may need to contact customer support. Once you tell them the issue, they will most probably check at the backend for the details of your service. If everything is OK at the backend then they will proceed to help you do some settings with your device. Sometimes, the customer support tells the customers to reset some settings which usually solves the problem. When you are calling customer support make sure that you are doing it from another device as they may ask you to reboot the device on which you are facing the error.

3) If you have tried everything else and the problem persists and you are still getting the error message saying that “Tethering/Mobile AP is unavailable a network issue may be preventing the use of mobile data,” you may need to factory reset your device. This may solve the issue. However, make sure that you backup your data and important settings before going for the factory reset as you may end up losing them.

4) If you have tried everything mentioned above and still you are facing the Tethering/Mobile AP is Unavailable error, you may need to take your device to an AT&T store. The technical team at the store will inspect your device as well as the SIM card. There is a possibility that there may be an issue with your phone that may be preventing your device from using the hotspot. Similarly, there may also be a possibility that the SIM card that had been assigned to you had some technical issues. In such a scenario either the store will replace your SIM card or they will tell you to change your device to fix the issue.

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