AT&T No Data Service Temporarily Not Offered: 6 Ways To Fix

no data service temporarily not offered
no data service temporarily not offered

The internet has become an absolute necessity which means everyone need to stay connected to the internet. With this being said, the network carriers are offering internet plans through which users can use the internet through mobile data. However, some AT&T data plan users are struggling with no data service temporarily not offered error. So, in this article, we are sharing the possible troubleshooting methods that will fix the issue!

No Data Service Temporarily Not Offered

1) Switch Off

In the majority of cases, all your phone needs are some rest (hello to the excessive users). So, if you have the same error on your phone while using the AT&T network, we suggest switching off the phone for around half-hour. Once you switch on the phone again, the error will be removed.

2) Network Issue

In some cases, the issue what the error says. Yes, we mean that service might not be available altogether by AT&T. This happens when the server is not working properly or if the network has been congested by excessive usage. So, it’s likely that the network is going through errors. If this is the case, all you can do is wait and let AT&T solve the issue on the backend.

3) Change Settings

When it comes down to the internet plans, you need to ensure that you have the right settings. That’s essential because these settings will directly influence the signal strength and network performance on the phone. With this being said, you need to open the settings on your phone and scroll down to the network settings. Then, just scroll down to the networks and choose AT&T.

When you choose the network, the network registration will fail, and then, you need to check the auto-network search. Once you select the option, just switch off the phone and restart it after a few minutes and the error will be resolved.

4) SIM Card

For everyone who is unable to fix the network or service temporarily unavailable issue on your phone, we suggest that you take out the SIM card from the slot. When you take out the SIM card from the slot, just clean it and insert it again. This step helps get rid of the dust that can adversely impact the network capability.

5) APN Settings

When it comes down to the data internet, one needs to keep in mind that APN settings will make or break the deal. The case is the same with AT&T network. So, we suggest that you call them at the helpline and ask them to reset the APN settings. They might send the APN settings for you to set them on your own, or they could adjust the settings at the backend; both methods will work effectively.

6) Factory Reset

Okay, so this is the last resort, and believe us, we don’t personally like it. With this being said, you need to factory reset your phone that will delete the network settings (and other data). However, when the phone will switch on after factory reset, the error will be eliminated and you will be able to use the internet.

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