WiFi Calling Error ER05 Invalid SIM: 6 Ways To Fix

wifi calling error er05 invalid sim
wifi calling error er05 invalid sim

Wi-Fi calling is a unique feature with which users can make phone calls through the Wi-Fi connection rather than the SIM card. However, the feature is new which means there are some glitches, and Wi-Fi calling error ER05 invalid SIM is one such error. With this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods with you and fix the error!

WiFi Calling Error ER05 Invalid SIM

1) Brand

Yes, the phone brand can impact the performance and effectiveness of the Wi-Fi calling feature. This is because the issue can appear if the phone isn’t from AT&T. This phone is important to ensure the Wi-Fi calling works fine. In case you cannot get the AT&T phone, you can also choose the pixel 3 series because it also works with Wi-Fi calling.

2) SIM Card

The error ER05 invalid SIM can occur if the SIM card isn’t working properly. To begin with, it incurs when you haven’t gotten the SIM card enabled for Wi-Fi calling by the specific network service provider. For this purpose, you must call the specific network service provider and ask the customer service to enable the Wi-Fi calling feature on the SIM card. In addition, before you call customer support, reinsert the SIM card and ensure that it’s properly placed to work properly.

3) OTA

If you’ve already gotten the SIM card enabled for Wi-Fi calling but the error is still appearing, call customer support. This is because the customer support can check out the backend settings and they will send the OTA to your device. As a result, when you receive OTA on the device, the Wi-Fi calling will keep working properly.

4) Coverage

Coverage is an essential part to consider when you are receiving an ER05 invalid SIM error while using the Wi-Fi calling feature. This is because the error can incur when you aren’t getting sufficient coverage. To streamline this issue, you should get out of the tight corners and go into the open space. When you are in the open space, refresh the phone (just lock and unlock the phone) and the error will vanish.

5) Change The SIM Card

We have already covered how you must get the SIM card enabled to ensure the Wi-Fi calling works and the error goes away. However, if that doesn’t work, simply visit the network provider franchise and get the SIM card replaced. That being said, you don’t have to worry about getting the contact number changed because they will provide a new SIM card with the same old contact number.

6) Driving Mode

Some smartphones are designed with the driving mode with which the users are unable to receive text messages or take calls. However, if you have switched on the driving mode by mistake, it can be a reason why error ER05 invalid SIM is bugging you. So, swipe down the feature or notification bar and switch off the driving mode. When you switch off the driving mode, reboot your smartphone!

The bottom line is that these solutions should fix the error. However, you can call customer support for more assistance on the matter!

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