3 Ways To Fix Arris Sync Timing Synchronization Failure

sync timing synchronization failure arris
sync timing synchronization failure arris

If you have ever used Arris, you will admit that how good these people are. Arris is one of the best internet service providers in the West. If it is about getting the best internet service, there can only be one option, which is subscribing to Arris.

But, it would not be a great experience if you start to face issues with Arris devices. It’s one of the most irritating experiences that you may have. But, such things are being reported by Arris device users. One of the most common issues is sync timing synchronization failure Arris. In the draft, we will help you to get rid of these issues with minimum effort placed.

Arris Sync Timing Synchronization Failure

Why Do You Face Such Issues?

There is nothing perfect in this world. If you face issues while having an Arris device at your home or office, it may be due to bad internet, firmware issues, or any other issue with the company’s networking. So, what you need to do if you are facing this issue? The only thing you will be doing is to give this article a good read, as it will allow you to resolve all of your problems.

1. Reset/ Power Cycle Your Device

Reset, or you may say power cycling is one of the most promising solutions to overcome such issues. If you face sync timing synchronization failure, we will suggest you go for a power cycle. For this, you will have first to turn off your device and wait for at least half a minute.

After it, turn on your device, and once it restarts completely, turn it off again. Repeat the process more or less four times, and this will work for you. Once you have done it thoroughly, give your device a proper restart, and you will be facing no issues with it.

2. Check For Cord Connection

If the power cycle does not work for you correctly, you need to check the upstream and downstream Internet connection. If everything is fine, then the first thing that you need to check is your Ethernet connection.

It’s possible that the issue is with your cord connection, whereas you are cursing your device. So, check the cord connection, and if there is any fault, replace it in the first place. It will probably allow you to get rid of this issue.

3. Contact Your Service provider.

If you cannot resolve the issue by the above-given methods, the last resort will call your service provider. It is one of the best possible solutions as they know why you are facing this issue. It may take some time, but this method has a success rate of 100% and will help you use your internet finely again.


In the article, we have introduced you to the best possible solutions to overcome your sync timing synchronization issues. The draft has covered all the aspects that you need to know to make your device better again. What you’ve to do is follow the article and find the solution to your queries.

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