5 Ways To Fix Avaya Phone VPN Tunnel Failure

avaya phone vpn tunnel failure
avaya phone vpn tunnel failure

VPNs are widely used to ensure the devices are safe from security threats and hacking attempts. However, there are people complaining about “Avaya Phone VPN Tunnel Failure” and there are various solutions that you can try to streamline the VPN performance.

Avaya Phone VPN Tunnel Failure

To be honest, this is a pretty common error and is widely reported by people who regularly use VPN apps and software. In addition, the issue is when users try to connect their Avaya phones with a VPN connection.

With this error, the users enter the login information about the VPN tunnel failure error that appears on the screen. If you are looking for solutions, keep in mind that there are various reasons behind this error, hence multiple solutions!

1) Software Update

For everyone who wants to ensure there are no errors in the performance of VPN, they have to ensure the device is up-to-date. This is because outdated software can also cause tunnel failure. For this reason, open the phone’s or device’s settings and look for the availability of software updates.

If the software update is available, download it for your device. When the device switches on after the update, try using the VPN again and see if the failure error is resolved.

2) Configuration

Proper device configuration is extremely important for optimizing the VPN performance and functionality. This is a must-consider point if NAT is involved in the connection path. For optimizing the configuration, you should reboot the Avaya phone. That’s because the reboot can fix minor configuration details and tunnel failure might be fixed.

3) VPN Connection Type

If a reboot hasn’t streamlined the configuration and tunnel failure is still there, you can update the type of VPN connection. To check this, you have to open the network connections and right-click on the VPN server option. Then, open the properties and scroll down to the Security tab. Now, choose the “Type of VPN” option and choose the best one. When the VPN connection type is updated, you will that tunnel failure is resolved.

4) Server

In the majority of cases, tunnel failure on the Avaya phone is caused by incorrect server information or details. In simpler words, the user’s details and server’s side details should be identical to ensure the VPN works properly.

This is because tunnel failure can occur when VPN is unable to connect to the right or valid server. So, the solution is to cross-check the address and name of the server and make appropriate changes. Once the details are updated, the VPN server and device will be connected.

5) Network Connections

When it comes down to the VPN apps and software, they need a proper internet connection to work properly between the server and client. In case the issue is caused by a temporary network issue, you should wait for a few minutes and let the internet connection work properly.

Once the internet connection is up and running, the VPN will be properly connected and the tunnel failure error won’t appear again. You can also reboot the internet router to improve the network connectivity.

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