3 Ways To Fix Suddenlink Internet Slow At Night

suddenlink internet slow at night
suddenlink internet slow at night

The Internet is something that lets you connect with people with ease. Along with it, you can surf it for a whole day to find out an interesting fact, playing games, and watching exciting movies. But, it becomes so disturbing when you do not have a better internet connection, especially during the night hours.

The reasons may be different, but you can never compromise with a lousy internet connection no matter what the reason is. We have heard so many complaints that Suddenlink does not work correctly at night. So for this very reason, we have brought some fantastic tricks to make your internet better again.

Troubleshoot Suddenlink Internet Slow At Night

Ways to Improve Bad Suddenlink Internet

In this draft, we will share some of the best possible ways to resolve the issue of your Suddenlink internet. So, if you’re facing issues related to your internet connection, then keep your eyes on the screen and read this article till the end. Below are mentioned some of the most common reasons and their solution for improving your Suddenlink internet.

  1. Reset Your Router

Most people do not think of the easy solution for resolving an issue; instead, they try to go for complex ways for resolving internet issues and end up ruining everything. If your Suddenlink internet is slow, then the most probable reason can be the router. If you have not reset the router for so long that it may hinder your internet speed.

So before calling a professional or even before trying something else at your own, try to reset your internet router. We are quite sure that this method will somehow help you to increase your internet speed.

  1. Cutting off Inside and Outside Interference

Another reason for your slow internet can be some factors that affect your wireless connectivity. Electronic home appliances and even another wireless network nearby can affect the speed of your Suddenlink speed. The reason this thing happens during the night is that most of the people use their system to the peak during night time. So, if there is another wireless network nearby, then try placing your internet router to another place.

  1. Over Use of Internet During Night Hours

Moving next, it is also possible that the number of devices at your home affects your internet. Most of the internet is supposed to connect to three to five devices, and if there are more than five devices connected to your router, this may be the only reason for your slow internet.

It is much slower during the night because most people are not at home during the day, and after returning from jobs or college, everyone loves to surf on the internet. So, if that is the reason, then either you need to increase the bandwidth, or you need to reduce the number of connected devices.


In the above article, we have provided you some of the most common reasons and their solution for making your internet better aging. Try any of these methods, and it will help you to increase your internet speed.

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