Suddenlink Not Getting Advertised Speed (Explained)

suddenlink not getting advertised speed
suddenlink not getting advertised speed

The advertised speed is something that an internet provider offers you while pursuing you to subscribe to their internet. It is something that we usually see in advertisements and on billboards. But in most cases, we have witnessed that companies do not provide the advertised speed after the connection is made.

In the recent past, we also came to know about the same issue with the Suddenlink internet connection. Today, we will be discussing the weather Suddenlink is providing the advertised speed, or is it just rhetoric. Stay here till the end of the article for knowing about the reality of this phrase.

Suddenlink Not Getting Advertised Speed

Is Suddenlink not Providing the Advertised speed?

Many of the Suddenlink users have claimed that the Suddenlink is not providing them with the advertised speed. If you are also a Suddenlink internet user, then the first thing that you need to do is check the internet speed through a free online internet checker.

We also tried and researched about the speed that Suddenlink offers. After connecting with many users and our own experience tells that Suddenlink is compromising the quality of their internet speed. According to’s various comments and posts, we came to the point that Suddenlink is advertising an internet speed of 400 MBPS, but what it is offering its customers is just 80 MBPS.

This very disappointing, no matter the reason for their low-quality internet, is not what people expect from a telecommunication company like Suddenlink.

Suddenlink’s Stance on their Internet Quality

In response to many complaints by Suddenlink users, Suddenlink has come up with a speed test that is showing that Suddenlink internet speed varies from 400 MBPS to 1 GB. It is also possible that disappointed people with the internet speed of sudden link may have a bad router or internet.

It is also possible that people are comparing the download speed with the surfing speed. So, there is a great clash between the users and the service providers. Suddenlink also said that the low quality of the internet might be due to the difference between the final destination of the internet and the user’s computer. Suddenlink has suggested its users place their router to a place where it can access every corner of the house.

Furthermore, the Suddenlink has also warned that if there are many devices attached to the router, it can also affect the internet speed. Many things are conflicting with each other, but the thing is that the Suddenlink users are very disappointed with their service providers.


In this above article, we have discussed in detail about the advertised speed and the actual speed that Suddenlink is providing its customers. We have mentioned the stances of both the user and the provider. Like other internet providers, Suddenlink is also claiming to offer the same speed as advertised, but its user thinks otherwise.

We also went through the speed test, and it was way less than the advertised speed of Suddenlink. If you still need more information about the Actual and advertised speed of Suddenlink, let us know in the comment section.

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  1. I had speed issues several years ago. What I learned then from suddenlink was there policy was they had to provide no less than 70% of the advertised speed. It took them 6 months to fix it which I didnt have to pay a bill for that same time frame. Also I did some searching online for suddenlink residential installation guide that was given to there installation employees during training. My guess is about 85%to90% of installations are not correct mine being included. 1st they are to run an rg11 cable (bigger copper wire equals less resistance) from tap to a grey box that mounts onto your house. They are NOT supposed to attach the rg11 to the electrical mast (electrical magnetic field causes interference=slower speeds). Inside the grey box they are supposed to connect the rg11 to a splitter and run one rg6 cable directly to the modem and run the 2nd rg6 to feed signal for all your tv’s. If your internet and your tv signal are on the same cable it will slow the speeds down. Mine is still attached to my electrical mast. Mine was all wrong in the beginning and once I found this information I made them change it. The installers were not happy but who cares. I wasnt happy about paying for crappy internet service as well. My mom lives close by and she changed from frontier to suddenlink and I showed up on the day of installation and the installer was almost done. I took a look at what he had done. He ran a rg6 from the tap straight into her home and didnt run a separate line for TVs and a dedicated line for modem. I made him take it out and do it correctly. You got to have a lil backbone so they cant take advantage of you. Hope this helps atleast 1 person.

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