4 Ways To Fix Suddenlink Packet Loss

suddenlink packet loss
suddenlink packet loss

There may be different issues while using an internet connection. You may face low internet connection, reduced bandwidth, and many other things. But the most critical of all is when you start to face packet loss. You may like it or not, but in the course of the last few months, many of the Suddenlink users have faced packet loss issue.

The internet data travels in the form of packets, and a packet loss is a condition when the receiver is unable to understand the received data as it is incomplete or arrives incorrectly. To resolve such issues, then do not forget to give this article a good read.

Reasons for Suddenlink Packet Loss

There are various issues related to packet loss. These issues vary according to conditions and connections. In the article, we have come up with some of the most common causes and solutions to packet loss.

  1. Hardware is Damaged

Sometimes the actual reason for the packet loss is the outdated or damaged hardware you are using to run your internet connection. Most of the time, there’re issues with your modem, and probably you may have a broken or deteriorated card.

Before calling your internet providers, first, you should check the condition of hardware you are using to run your internet.

  1. Wi-Fi Usage

Using Wi-Fi can also be one of the main reasons for packet loss. While using a wireless connection, there are so many factors involved that cause packet loss. There is interference from other wireless devices, distance from the router, and it may sound weird but thick walls can also be a reason. If this is the problem for your packet loss, place your wireless device in your home’s center.

  1. Outdated Software 

There are new updates every day in today’s world, and if you do not flow with the update, you must be using outdated software that can be the reason for low bandwidth and packet loss. To resolve this issue, update your software according to the suggestion of your mobile or personal computer. It’ll surely help you to reduce the packet loss.

4.Changing Suddenlink Modem

One of the most probable reasons for packet loss is that you may be using an old modem. Suddenlink introduces new modems to meet up with the demands of modern-day internet usage. So, if you are unable to resolve the packet loss and want to get the experience of better gaming and movies, then visit your nearest Suddenlink customer center and request a new modem for your connection.

Getting a new modem will put life to your slow internet connection, eventually resolving all the issues related to packet loss.


If you were facing issues related to packet loss, thank God you have been through this article. In the article, we have mentioned some of the best possible ways to resolve packet loss issues. Try these methods, and we are sure that you will not face any packet loss in the future. If the situation is still opaque, then let us know in the comment section.

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