6 Ways To Fix Mediacom Caller ID Not Working

mediacom caller id not working
mediacom caller id not working

Mediacom has designed TV plans, as well as phone and internet plans which makes it a one-stop-shop. For the same reason, some users are struggling with Mediacom caller ID not working error. Truth be told, this is not a major issue and we have the troubleshooting methods to help you fix the error!

How To Fix Mediacom Caller ID Not Working?

1. CommPortal

For everyone who is unable to use caller ID on Mediacom, your first instinct should be checking the settings. This is because some people don’t enable the display of caller ID which will lead to obvious issues. So, we suggest that you log into the CommPortal and check the settings. You need to open the device menu from the settings and enable the display of caller ID. Once you confirm the settings, the caller ID will start displaying for sure.

2. Box

To begin with, there are chances that the Mediacom box is not working properly (the box is responsible for directing the signals). With this being said, you can power cycle the box (take out the power cord and wait for two to three minutes before plugging in the power cord). Once the box switches on, we are pretty sure that caller ID will be displayed.

3. Signals

Believe it or not, the strength of signals will lead to various issues and caller ID not working is one of them. With this being said, you need to ensure that Mediacom has a promising and stable connection and signals. Similarly, you can try putting the Mediacom box at the central location of your home for better signal access. On the other hand, if the box is working alright, Mediacom servers might be down, hence the errors. So, call the Mediacom customer support and have them resolve the issue.

4. Device Issue

For the most part, caller ID not working might be the issue caused by smartphone device issues. For this purpose, we suggest that you check the smartphone settings and make sure it can display the caller ID. In addition, it’s better that you restart the mobile phone and we are pretty sure that it will display the caller ID. Also, the caller ID feature is not available on every phone, so ensure that your mobile phone is compatible with caller ID.

5. Caller ID Service

If you have subscribed to the Mediacom caller ID service and it’s not working, it might not be working because you haven’t paid the bill. So, you need to account and make sure that there are no outstanding dues. In addition to monthly bills, there are additional bills that one needs to pay. Likewise, if there are outstanding dues, pay them and caller ID will work properly.

6. Software

If nothing seems to work, you could try checking for the software update on your device. That’s to say because software updates tend to streamline the features and optimize the functions. So, look for the available software update. In case the software update is available, download and install it on your mobile phone and it will resolve the error.

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