2 Ways To Fix OBi Caller ID Not Working On A Panasonic Cordless Phone

obi caller id not working on panasonic cordless phone
obi caller id not working on panasonic cordless phone

OBi calling has become the demand of the day for everyone. It is one of the most used in-demand companies in the USA.

But, how would it feel like if you start to face issues with your OBi caller ID? It came to light a while ago that the OBi caller ID is not working on the Panasonic cordless phone. It is one of the most irritating issues that any Panasonic phone holder may witness. But, if you are here reading this article, we will allow you to get rid of this issue with this draft’s help. So, follow us to the end and find the solutions to your problems.

How To Fix OBi Caller ID Not Working On A Panasonic Cordless Phone?

Why Such Issues occur?

There are enormous reasons behind such issues, but something that may be very common with all of those facing such problem is the phone settings. It may be the case that you’ve bought a new Panasonic phone, and the settings of your phone do not support OBi caller ID. All in all, there may be hundreds of reasons behind it, but we will enrich you with some of the best possible solutions to overcome such issues, no matter what the reason is.

1. Activate Caller Display

As discussed above, the issue may be with the phone settings, and this is why you are cursing OBi. If the problem is with the phone, then it will be nothing but the caller display mode. Most people do not know this, but they have turned off the caller display mode, which is why the OBi caller ID is not working on their phones.

So, if you own a Panasonic cordless phone, the first thing you need to do is activate the caller display feature, and it will allow you to avoid the Caller ID-related issue. For starting your caller display ID, you need to place a call on 0800 800 152, and it will help you avoid the problem. Follow the above-given guidance and find your way to better calling with your OBi and Panasonic Cordless phone.

2. Call Obi

According to OBitalk, the issue can quickly be resolved by merely activating the caller display ID. But, if the case is not resolved, then the consequences may be severe. So, to avoid such issues, you will have to contact the OBi customer care providers.

They are some of the best customer care providers and will help you to the fullest to resolve your issues. So, if you are unable to overcome the issue by merely activating the caller ID, then call the service provider and design your way to a better calling experience.


In summary, the caller ID issue on your Panasonic cordless can be resolved by either activating the caller ID or by calling OBi customer care. Both methods will work correctly for anyone facing such an issue. If you need assistance, then let us know in the comment box.

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