4 Fixes For iPhone Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Not Working

iphone bluetooth and wifi not working
iphone bluetooth and wifi not working

Apple has recently launched iOS 15, and all the compatible iPhones have been updated with the latest features. It’s needless to say that there have been some amazing features, but it came out with various issues that have been frustrating for some iPhone users. For instance, many people who installed the latest iOS update complained about iPhone Bluetooth and WiFi not working. Honestly, it’s not the problem with many, but if you have this issue, we are here with some suitable solutions!

iPhone Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Not Working

1. Reboot The iPhone

The first solution is to reboot your iPhone. This is because the reboot can clear the majority of errors in the iOS system, which helps optimize the functionality of your iPhone. The reboot is defined as the process of turning off the iPhone and leaving it away for a minute. After a minute, you can switch it on again, and it will fix the Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi issues. When it comes down to iPhone, you need to press the volume down button and lock button together for a few seconds to switch off and press the same buttons to switch on the iPhone.

2. Reboot The Router

If you have already rebooted the iPhone, but it hasn’t resolved the problem, you could try rebooting the router. This is because there are times when the issue is with your Wi-Fi router rather than the device. So, rebooting the Wi-Fi router will surely help fix the wireless connection. For rebooting the router, you need to take out the power plug of the Wi-Fi router, wait for a few minutes, and connect it to the power source again. When the router switches on again, it will take a few minutes to regulate the signals, so always wait a bit.

3. Reset The Network Settings

In case you don’t think that rebooting the router is the effective solution, you need to reset the network settings. This is because resetting the network settings will ensure that there are no corrupt settings hindering your connectivity to a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. However, you need to remember that resetting the network settings will delete the network passwords. So, to complete the network reset process, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Start by opening Settings on your iPhone
  • Scroll down to the reset tab
  • Click on the “reset network settings” option, and everything will be deleted

After this, you will have to pair it with other Bluetooth devices again. In addition, you will have to enter the Wi-Fi network’s password again for connecting to the wireless network.

4. Restore The iPhone

If you haven’t been able to fix the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issue with the above-mentioned troubleshooting guide, you could restore your iPhone. This is because there could be some bugs and errors resting in the system rather than in the settings. So, reset the iPhone, and it will delete all the settings and data. As a result, the operating system will be fresh for you to use but without any errors. However, don’t forget to create a backup of your data if you have some important data.

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