5 Methods For Resolving Spotflux No Internet Access

spotflux no internet access
spotflux no internet access

With the increasing cyber threats, it’s safe to say that using the VPN has become essential for internet users, and Spotflux is one of the best choices for encrypting data. However, various users have complained about Spotflux no internet access, which means the users are unable to use the internet when they are connected to this specific VPN. So, if you have an internet access issue, we have a troubleshooting guide that you can follow!

Spotflux No Internet Access

1. Internet Connection

In most cases, an ineffective and slow internet connection can prevent the users from connecting to an internet connection with a VPN. To determine the source of the problem, it’s important to disconnect the VPN connection and try accessing the internet. If you are unable to connect to the internet, there is something wrong with the internet connection. In such instances, you need to reboot your internet connection to streamline the internet connectivity. In addition to this, you must check the network status and make sure it’s active.

2. DNS Configuration

If there is nothing wrong with the internet connection, there are higher chances that the DNS configuration is wrong. Every domain name or website is linked to the IP address, but it’s not humanly possible to memorize these IP addresses. For this reason, the DNS shifts and translates the domain names into IP addresses, which helps streamline internet usage. However, when the DNS settings are incorrect, it will prevent you from establishing the internet connection when you are connected to Spotflux. So, the solution is to change the DNS settings, but you will have to do it manually.

3. Server

In various cases, the users are connected to the bad server of Spotflux, which could hinder the internet connection. Usually, the problem incurs when the server is down or blocked (it’s common for some countries to block VPN connections). Keep in mind that Spotflux offers hundreds of servers to the users, so it is better that you connect to a different server to optimize the internet connectivity. We are sure that switching the server will be helpful.

4. VPN Protocol

A VPN protocol is a set of rules that show how the data travels to the destination, and there are various routing protocols. However, the UDP protocol is blocked by various countries, and it could be the reason behind the internet connection issue. To fix this problem, you need to open the settings of Spotflux and choose a different protocol from the list. It is better to choose protocols like PPTP and L2TP, but the former has fewer security features, which means you should use it only when it’s necessary.

5. VPN Port

The VPN ports are designed to manage the flow of internet traffic and data from and to the VPN servers. However, just like the protocols, the ports can also be blocked, which is why switching to a different port is essential. To determine which port is correct, you should call Spotflux customer support, as they will be able to help find the port according to your internet browsing needs.

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