6 Methods For Resolving PrimeWire 403 Forbidden

primewire 403 forbidden
primewire 403 forbidden

If you are fond of watching movies and TV shows in your free time, we are sure you eye multiple entertainment platforms, and PrimeWire is one of them. This is because PrimeWire has hundreds of entertainment options available for users, but it’s also prone to 403 forbidden errors. So, if PrimeWire 403 forbidden error is bugging you, we are here to help you out of it.

PrimeWire 403 Forbidden Error

1. VPN

First of all, the content might be really forbidden because of your location. In the majority of cases, PrimeWire doesn’t work in Asian countries, and if you are in any of those countries, you know what the problem is. The only solution to this problem is using a VPN because it masks your location, and PrimeWire will be available for your usage. In addition, there are times when the internet service provider blocks access to PrimeWire due to location constraints but using a VPN will help in that regard as well.

2. URL Errors

If there is no problem associated with the location, there are chances of URL errors. For this purpose, you have to ensure that you are specifying the extension and file name of the web page rather than the directory. This is because PrimeWire is configured to disallow directory-based browsing, which is why a 403 forbidden error is expected. So, if URL error seems to be the problem, you need to enable directory-based browsing in the webserver application or software.

3. Cache

If you are someone who uses their internet browser too much, it is pretty obvious that there will be cache buildup in the browser. The excessive cache buildup could be the reason behind the 403 forbidden error whenever you use PrimeWire. As far as the solution is concerned, you have to clear the cache of your internet browser from the browser settings, and the streaming will be optimized.

4. Cookies

Another reason behind the 403 forbidden error on PrimeWire is that you haven’t allowed cookies on your internet browser. In the majority of cases, it happens when you log into the PrimeWire again and again (you log in and then log out to log in again later). Having said that, you need to enable cookies in the browser or at least for PrimeWire to make sure cookies aren’t hindering your access.

5. Contact PrimeWire

If you have tried the solutions mentioned above, but the 403 forbidden error won’t go away, you need to contact PrimeWire directly. This is because it could be a result of a technical glitch, and the company isn’t aware of it. PrimeWire has support-oriented groups on different social media platforms, which makes it easier to gain assistance. Even more, you might be able to find support through email support or contact number.

6. Contact ISP

In case there is no problem at PrimeWire’s end, there are high chances that there is something wrong with the internet connection. This is because the problem can occur if the public IP address or ISP is added to the blocklist. So, make sure to get assistance from the internet service provider and discuss the potential solutions.

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