Spectrum Unreturned Equipment Fee: What Is It?

spectrum unreturned equipment fee
spectrum unreturned equipment fee

Spectrum is one of the most preferred services out there, and it has become an absolute choice of people who need internet or cable TV services. Be it the equipment or installation, quality of service, or the outcome; everything is top-notch. The only downside of Spectrum is their never-ending charges and hidden fees. With this being said, if you are canceling the service, you will need to return the equipment, or else, you will be charged Spectrum Unreturned Equipment Fee. In this article, we are sharing it!

Spectrum Unreturned Equipment Fee: What Is It?

This is the fee imposed by Spectrum if you don’t want to return the equipment that was used during the installation. The fee will be charged even if you lose the equipment. All in all, the unreturned equipment fee will be charged if you don’t return the equipment, irrespective of the reason. The fee is usually listed on the rate card according to your location.

For people using the legacy plan, they will need to check for the unreturned equipment fee through the legacy rate card. With this being said, it’s equally important to keep in mind that charges an unreturned equipment fee will vary with the equipment that you didn’t return. So, it’s pretty clear that you must always return the equipment to save yourself from additional charges.

Returning The Equipment

So, if you need to return the equipment, you can visit any Spectrum store and drop it off. All across the US, you will find more than 650 stores, so you can visit the nearest one to return the equipment. You can check the Spectrum store locator on the website and make sure that you visit during the business hours. On the other hand, if you cannot visit the Spectrum store, you can follow the below-mentioned methods to return the equipment!

U.S Postal Service Return

For everyone who needs a convenient experience, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the U.S. Postal Service is the ultimate choice. These postal service stores are available in literally every store, so you can locate the nearest one. While using the U.S Postal Service Return, make sure to use the same packaging that it was shipped to you.

Even more, you must add the return label on the top, and everything else will be handled by the postal service. On top of everything, you won’t have to pay any shipping charges.

UPS Return

You can also use the UPS store for returning the Spectrum equipment because it’s a fine choice. The UPS stores will handle the shipping and packaging for you without costing a single dime. However, this option is only valid for individual users because business customers cannot use this option if they need to return more than ten pieces of equipment.

FedEx Return

You can use the FedEx service to return the equipment but make sure you don’t confuse it with the FedEx dropbox. With FedEx, you can return the spectrum receivers, Wi-Fi gateway devices, modems, routers, and voice modems. However, you will need a special shipping box from Spectrum while using FedEx.

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