Spectrum Security Suite Review: Is It Worth It?

spectrum security suite review
spectrum security suite review

Spectrum Security Suite Review

With the increasing utilization of technology, cybersecurity issues are increasing at a quick pace. That’s to say because people are always eyeing for the best security services to keep the data secure. So, Spectrum has jumped in this pool after impregnating the internet and entertainment industry. We are saying this because they have come up with Security Suite, designed to help users manage the protection and get real-time notifications. So, if you are interested, we have added the Spectrum Security Suite Review in this article!

Spectrum Security Suite – What Is It?

This is the security software designed by Spectrum with an intent to offer streamlined security. The software is responsible for securing the computer and data from underlying risks and threats. Given the never-ending security threats, securing private information and sensitive data has become a necessity.

So, the Security Suite is likely to solve your issues because it’s integrated with a variety of features that save your data and files from the threats. However, the software is not integrated with the VPN. The security suite is designed with the latest cloud-based technology that offers real-time performance and operation.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Security Suite offers fast actions against viruses and spyware. It is essential to note that it’s not part of the best antiviruses, but it serves the average needs of the users. The Security Suite is available for Windows as well as Mac, which makes it accessible for everyone.

Real-Time Protection

As far as real-time protection is concerned, there are no compromises on performance and effectiveness. This is because it’s utilizing the cloud-based coverage which offers around the clock functionality to keep the computer free from threats. The free version is perfect for saving you and your computer from the malware that can potentially steal the data and information.

For the people who are already using Spectrum Internet, the Security Suite is available for free for them. With this being said, it is pretty clear that Security Suite is integrated with multiple benefits, but the tipping is one is no worries about the data hijacking. For the remote workers, the antivirus function is perfect since it offers streamlined protection from data stealing.

Automatic Virus Removal

Once you have enabled the Security Suite on your computer or network, the virus and malware will be automatically detected and removed. Also, the users are contacted through registered email and are notified about the actions. They can also send the text message that the virus has been detected, and the automatic virus removal has taken care of it. Once the virus is removed, the software starts working on the protection again.

Security Firewall 

With the integration of Security Suite on your computer, the firewall will be enabled automatically that plays an integral role in keeping sensitive information away from the reach of prying eyes. This is important (and much-needed) because those pieces of information can allow access to the identity stealing and bank account details, leaving you with no money and identity. So, the firewall will offer ultimate protection by reducing the chances of unauthorized access to the computer.

Browsing Protection

This is the age of the internet and browsing is an undeniable part of everyone’s life. However, there are multiple harmful websites out there that must be avoided. With Security Suite, you get browsing protection with which your access to the harmful website will be blocked. With this being said, you will never access the harmful websites that intend to steal your information (even not accidentally).

Spyware Protection

The Security Suite is specifically designed to keep your computer safe and protected from the damaging spyware or malicious content. So, you can browse all you want without worry about the sensitivity of data or protection. That’s to say because your personal and corporate information will be out of reach of spies and hackers.

Parental Control

Having kids around is surely a delightful experience, but you need to be extra careful with their internet usage. With this being said, the parental control feature of the Security Suite is perfect as it provides ultimate control over kids’ internet experience. The parents can hinder access to specific sites that they don’t deem fit for the kids. In addition, you can limit their internet usage time.

Even more, you can keep an eye on the browsing activities. Once you’ve the website, you can access their browsing history to make sure that they are only accessing the websites that are good for them and not the ones that are bad for them. The parental control is pretty flexible, so you can manage everything at your fingertips.


Security Suite for one computer costs around $24.99 for an annual subscription. For protection for five and ten devices, the costs will range to $39.99 and $44.99, respectively. All these costs are on a yearly basis. However, if you are already using the Spectrum Internet services, you can have the Security Suite for free, pretty rewarding, right?


Security Suite is designed to offer real-time protection against malware and virus, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it provides robust security. At one time, it offers protection support to around ten devices. In the case of virus detection and removal, Spectrum sends real-time and timely notifications via text message and emails.


As far as the performance and security standards are concerned, there are no such issues involved. With this being said, you will remain secure, and the data will be protected at all costs. The only downside is that you cannot use Security Suite for wide networks of computers and devices, which makes it suitable for small businesses or remote workers.

The Bottom Line

For everyone in need of high-level protection, Security Suite by Spectrum is a fine choice. That’s to say, because it provides real-time protection and the automatic virus removal feature is our top liking. This automatic approach is an absolute necessity for people who need something that fixes their issues. However, it’s only a fine choice for limited devices!

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