Is Spectrum Blocking VPN? (Explained)

spectrum blocking vpn
spectrum blocking vpn

The internet has become an essential part of this modern world. People can literally access any information they want through the internet. However, some websites and services have implemented the anti-VPN structures to ensure people don’t access the information that they don’t want them to see. For instance, you might have seen “you seem to be using proxy or unblocker” on Netflix.

Well, this means that you cannot get around with geo-restrictions, blocks, and censorship. This might be the issue because services are using the ports with anti-VPN technology that have been flagged. In addition, there are chances that the IP addresses used by VPNs are identified. In this article, we have outlined everything you need to know about VPNs and Spectrum blocking the VPNs

Types of VPN Blocks

As a layman, one doesn’t know about different VPN blocks, but the tech-savvy people would know. So, to tell you all, we have outlined different types of VPN blocks;

IP Blocking

The IP address is known as the identification card, which is designed to outline the location and pinpoints, but it’s also responsible for sharing information int the form of data packets (about the online activities). This information can be integrated together to make your identity. While using the VPNs, the websites will read the location and IP address of the VPN server, rather than the personal one.

Previously, Netflix and Hulu have blocked the VPNs, and they tend to keep the IP information safe in a database. The IP address of customers is now compared to the VPN server, and if some IP address matches, the customer loses the access. This is one of the prime reasons that VPNs keep changing the IP addresses.

Port Blocking

While using the VPN, the data is passed through multiple ports. In the same vein, the website owners tend to close all such ports, which are usually used by the VPNs, so the users cannot access the content or network.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

These techniques are usually used by huge corporations and governments for the prime purpose of examining the transited data. With DPI, the website owners are liberalized to block, log, or re-route the data as they like.

Spectrum Blocking VPN

So, recently people have been talking about how Spectrum app has blocked the VPN services. Well, this is not true because Spectrum doesn’t block the VPNs. The VPN is blocked by Spectrum in only four countries, inclusive of Belarus and North Korea. There are multiple reasons that Spectrum won’t take this VPN blocking road.

First of all, the public isn’t happy with the new neutrality laws, which means Spectrum will experience a huge outrage from the public. In addition, the practical aspects are not in line because ISPs cannot ban the VPN since there is a notion of the open-source network. So, it will cost a huge (negative) PR image to Spectrum, and the resources will be out of the question, for real!

Top Reasons To Use VPN With Spectrum

So, one thing is clear that Spectrum isn’t blocking the VPNs and there are some reasons that outline the importance of using VPNs with Spectrum, inclusive of;

Protection of Privacy

It is pretty clear that internet service providers can track the online activities of users, such as websites, emails, and browsing. So, in this case, you cannot let them use your personal information, which demands the utilization of VPNs. With VPNs, the information will be shared through encrypted channels and secure network, while masking the IP address.

Bypass Throttling

We all have struggled with low internet speeds, and there are high chances that you are experiencing ISP throttling. The throttling is caused by deep packet inspection, which restricts the internet bandwidth, and the traffic will be monitored as well. This will adversely impact the internet usage. On the other hand, if you are using VPNs, the identities will be masked, and the information shared over the internet will be safe as well.

The Bottom Line

So, Spectrum isn’t blocking the VPNs, but you’ve to use a good one if you need ultimate security and privacy. One such VPN is PureVPN because there are no connection logs, and the encryption is literally military-grade. Last but not least, the DNS leaks will be prevented as well!

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