How To Enable Spectrum IPv6 Settings?

spectrum ipv6 settings
spectrum ipv6 settings

Spectrum is one of the most major services providers for all sorts of network needs that you might have. They are offering a wide range of services for all sorts of commercial and domestic needs such as Internet, Cable TV, Home Phone, Mobile and more. You can also get your hands on some of the best packages with all these services in the same place, with some of the best and most affordable packages possible. This doesn’t only allow you to save some of the bucks, but you will also be able to enjoy the convenience of managing all these subscriptions in a single place.

They are offering cutting-edge technologies to ensure that you are getting the best possible level of services in terms of communicational needs. IPv6 is the need of the time as the increase in networking demands cannot be handled by IPv4 any longer as it was in the past and to keep moving forward with the customer needs, they have to be on the right side of technology. If you are wondering about the IPv6 on Spectrum, here are a few things that you must know about it.

Does Spectrum Support IPv6?

The first thing that one must ask is if the IPv6 Internet Protocol is supported on Spectrum as well if they want to enable it on their router or the connection that they are using. So, the answer is pretty simple to this and Yes, Spectrum does have the support for IPv6 Internet as well.

At the moment, they are extending support for both of the internet protocols IPv4 and IPv6 to cater the needs of a wider range of userbase that they have all across the US. However, in the longer run they intend on shifting to the IPv6 internet only.

For now, their equipment and all the services that you can get over the internet are compatible with IPv6 but you will need to have it enabled by them to get access to these services. In order to get that sorted out, you will need to check for the router you have from spectrum first, and then your connection type as well. A few things that you will possibly have to check and the proper method to set it app up correctly would be:

Check Compatibility of the Router

Since the Spectrum connection and system is compatible with the IPv6 connectivity, there is not much to be worried at that part. You will have to make sure that the router you got from Spectrum is also compatible with the IPv6 internet and after that you can proceed on with getting it sorted out and enabling IPv6 on your connection.

It is very simple to know and you can either search for the model of your router online to see if it is compatible with the IPv6 protocol, or you can contact Spectrum directly if the router was sourced from them and they will be able to confirm the compatibility of your router for you to be used with the IPv6 address. If your router is compatible, you will need to enable it as well, and a few things that you will need to do are:

How To Enable Spectrum IPv6 Settings?

To start with that, you will need to find the IP address of your router and access the router admin panel by entering the address in the address bar of any browser. After that, you will need to login using the credentials and once the router admin panel is logged in, you will need to select the “Advanced Tab” under the router admin panel settings menu.

Since your router is compatible with IPv6, you will be able to see the option on your router admin panel under the advanced settings. So, you will have to access the settings and then enter the information correctly in there.

You will have to enter IPv6 Address that you get from your ISP, the Default Gateway, Primary DNS, Secondary DNS and MTU Size. All this information can easily be found and accessed by your ISP and once you enter all the information correctly, you can move on to the next step.

You will then go on to the Dynamic IP under the advanced tab and enter the same information there as well. Now, you will have to set the connection type as PPoE and then click the save button. After that, you will have to Restart your router once and it will enable the IPv6 protocol for you on Spectrum connection.

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