Should I Enable DoS Protection? (Answered)

should i enable dos protection
should i enable dos protection

Over the years, cases of internet threats and hacking attempts have increased. One such common attack is known as denial-of-server that’s an explicit attempt that hinders the user’s ability to use the service or resource. In short, it’s the DoS attack. The prime aim of these attacks is occupying the LAN and WAN bandwidths while occupying the user’s time to provide a service.

DoS Attacks

In simpler words, DoS attacks are designed to make a network unavailable for the users and target audience. During this hacking attempt, the network is congested with fake traffic in an enormous amount. In some cases, the hackers hinder the users from accessing websites, online banking accounts, and email account on the affected device.

If you are struggling with slow network performance (inability to open websites and files), inability to access particular websites, and a significant increase in spam notification on the account, there are chances that your device has a DoS attack.

DoS Protection – Should I Enable It?

When you are using the NETGEAR routers, you will come across the DoS protection, which can be enabled and disabled at any time. With NETGEAR, DoS Protection is enabled in the router to ensure your network is safe from such threats. However, some people select the “disable port scan and DoS protection” on the WAN screen; the protection will be disabled.

But we suggest that you always enable DoS protection because it not only saves the network but offers protection to your devices as well. Also, there is the utmost security for important/sensitive information and data. If the DoS protection is disabled, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the browser and type in the URL bar
  • In the username field, enter “admin” and add “password’ in the password field
  • Hit the enter button and go to “Advanced Setup.”
  • Scroll down and move to WAN
  • Uncheck the “respond to ping on Internet port,” and the DoS protection will be enabled

Importance of Enabling DoS Protection

First of all, 50% of the companies have struggled with DoS attacks in the last year. According to stats, the DoS attacks accounted for 7.5 million counts for 2017 alone. With this being said, the attacks are causing more issues than ever before, which calls for DoS protection. Even more, the DoS attacks have become intelligent, leading to the proliferation of IoT devices.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that disabled DoS protection will lead to loss of revenue. With a single DoS attacks, the companies can lose more than $50,000, and it will only increase if you don’t enable the protection. In addition to monetary losses, the companies might struggle with the loss of clients and employees. On top of everything, the brand trust will be lost. So, yes, you should enable DoS protection!

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