Why Does Comcast Have So Many Outages?

why does comcast have so many outages
why does comcast have so many outages

Comcast is one of the most affordable and best network providers in the US. They are offering, coolest services including the Internet, TV, Phone and more.

Comcast has network coverage all over the US and they are offering some of the best prices on their services as well. Needless to say, that you get to enjoy all the services under a single provider and that truly helps you out in managing the plans pretty easily.

Yet, there are certain problems that you will need to know about. Comcast is known for frequent outages and a few reasons for these outages are:

Why Does Comcast Have So Many Outages?

Fiber Cuts

Comcast is still having the fiber backbone network that has its own perks and pros that allow you to have the best possible speed and stability on the network, yet there is a lot of baggage as well that comes with it.

The fiber cables that are being used for the networking around the servers and the data centers are on there at all times and that certainly can be a bit troublesome for the users.

Each time a cable is damaged, the other cables get flooded with the network traffic, or even worse there is an outage all over the network and all the users will lose the internet connectivity and that is not certainly a good thing to have.

Luckily, their team is pretty proactive and you will be getting these cables fixed rather sooner than later to avoid such issues.

Power Outages

Another thing that you will need to know is that these outages on the internet or some other services that you are using from Comcast might be a result of the power outages. They have pretty good backup that can run for few hours, yet there is a certain fundamental flaw with running the cables and you need power everywhere to keep these cables alive.

So, ultimately these power outages take a toll on your internet connectivity and that will cause you to have all these problems with the network that you don’t want to have. You should be careful about these power outages most of the times if there are some problems like that and wait for them to be over for you so that you can get the internet connectivity back on your network.

Errors or Bugs

There are also errors or bugs, and sometimes their own server crashes due to a number of unforeseen reasons. Since all these reasons are unaccounted for, you can expect these crashes and they happen at all times.

Yet, luckily, Comcast has a proactive team to workout such crashes and they are not prolonged for hours. Most of the times, such outages and their causes are fixed pretty soon. That is why you will not have to wait much on these outages to be fixed and it will be short.

All these are some of the main causes for outages on Comcast, but that doesn’t mean that their services are too bad, and you can easily make it work for day-to-day usage.

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