Skyroam Gmate Plus Review – Should You Consider?

skyroam gmate plus review
skyroam gmate plus review

Consistent internet connection and access to SMS and voice calls are major concerns when it comes to Bluetooth sim adapters. However, Skyroam Gmate Plus allows you to receive calls and SMS while using sim data. Your Gmate allows any GSM sim card to deliver internet data, SMS, and voice call access to your iPhone and Android devices via Bluetooth.

This article will provide an in-depth Skyroam Gmate Plus review as well as reasons why you should or should not purchase the Skyroam Gmate Plus as your Bluetooth sim adapter.

Skyroam Gmate Plus Review

1. Specifications:

When talking about the specifications of the Skyroam Gmate Plus, this device owns a Bluetooth 2.0 EDR which is useful for providing a relatively faster data rate and better battery life as compared to other devices. Moreover, it supports the iOS as well as Android operating systems which is an excellent feature for users of either brand.  It holds a Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) Quad band which means it can operate on GSM frequency bands of 850MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 1900 MHz which makes it compatible with nearly all the major GSM networks. Coming to its full-sized sim card, it has been of concern to many users. This is because the Android and iPhone both use micro sim cards in the latest technology so you have to make your micro sim cards full-sized which is quite a trouble for many users.

2. Design And Features:

With dimensions of 87 x 47 x 11.7 mm you can expect a handy and pocket-sized device with a design similar to that of a modern cellphone. It can efficiently transform your single sim phone to a dual sim phone by simply inserting the sim card in the Gmate Plus and you can have two numbers on a single device. This is a great feature for people who travel internationally and need to bring two phones to switch between different Sim cards. Gmate Plus, on the other hand, saves you the trouble of switching between phones to operate on different Sims. In addition to that, your Gmate Plus has an exceptional 72 hours standby time and a 38 hours long-lasting battery life.

  • iPhone Users:

When it comes to using Gmate Plus on iPhone cellphones, most of these devices only have a single sim slot. So, if you travel frequently, you are aware of the inconvenience of keeping two devices for a local and international sim. A Gmate Plus will allow you to add dual sim features by inserting a second sim into the Gmate device and managing your other sim with just one phone. This means you can continue to use your favorite iPhone cellphone to share your contact list, and manage calls and SMS, making it an excellent alternative to bulky dual sim phones.

  • iPod Touch Users:

The device works not only with iPhone cellphones but also with the iPod touch. The iPod touch is typically used for gaming, web browsing, digital music, and so on. However, you can convert your iPod touch into an iPhone mobile by enabling all of its features, including voice calls, SMS, and data via the Gmate’s EDGE. The best part is that you don’t have to sign up for a carrier to use your sim.

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