4 Things To Know About Skyroam Solis Lite Blinking Light

skyroam solis lite blinking light
skyroam solis lite blinking light

Skyroam Solis is the mobile hotspot to choose from if you want the fastest Wi-Fi speeds with the most coverage. This device provides its customers with consistent and unlimited hotspot data for a personalized broadband experience. It provides an interactive interface for understanding and diagnosing device errors at home.

Having said that, many users have expressed concern about the meaning of the Skyroam Solis lite blinking lights. As a result, we will walk you through the general meaning of these LED light variations.

Skyroam Solis Lite Blinking Light Meaning

1. Wi-Fi Flashing Light:

  • Press The Wi-Fi Button:

If you have activated a Daypass and still the Skyroam does not display a flashing light on the Wi-Fi indicator then you should try pressing the Wi-Fi button until the light emerges and starts flashing.

  • Faulty Charger Power Outlet:

If your device is not showing a white blink then you need to check whether the power source is working or not. Try connecting it to a different electrical outlet to see if the previous one was faulty.

2. Power Button Lights Flashing Red:

When you are charging your Skyroam, the power button will display a blinking red light. This confirms that your device is charging. The LED lights will return to their static state once the device is charged. If you don’t see flashing red lights at the time of charging then

  • Faulty Charger Cable:

Confirm whether the USB-C cable you are using to charge your device is working or not. A faulty charger will provide an inconsistent power flow which will trouble your device therefore try connecting your device to a different charger cable.

3. Blinking White Lights on Data Transfer Indicator:

If your data transfer indicator is showing you a blinking white light, it means that your data is currently being transferred.

  • Reconnect devices:

If your device is not showing you a flashing white light on the data transfer indicator, it may be probable that your hotspot has not established a connection with your devices. Try reconnecting your devices to the hotspot using the correct credentials and see if the error has passed away.

4. All Three Lights Flashing Red:

When your device is showing you red flashing lights on all three indicators. It means it needs a firmware update. If you have automatically set the firmware updates the device will update the firmware version.

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