9 Ways To Fix SiriusXM Internet Radio Not Working

siriusxm internet radio not working
siriusxm internet radio not working

For everyone fond of music and entertainment, while having access to sports and news, SiriusXM is the right choice. Likewise, they have designed the internet radio because FM Radio has become pretty dated. On the contrary, SiriusXM internet radio not working error is common and we have outlined the troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue!

How To Fix SiriusXM Internet Radio Not Working?

1. Plug-In

When it comes down to people who want the internet radio, they need the specific plug-ins to run on Google Chrome.  Install the one with SiriusXM and integrate it with your Google Chrome and it will get the internet radio to start working.

2. Adobe Flash Player

While you are trying to access the internet radio with SiriusXM, keep in mind that your device must have the latest Adobe Flash Player (RETIRED). This is because it works with the flash streams which means having access to Adobe Flash Player is essential. If you already have Adobe Flash Player available, you could try checking the update on the software. With this being said, you need to check for the software update, and if there is an update available, just download it on the computer and try accessing the internet radio again.

3. Mute

In the case of apps like QuickTime, you must be using them on Google Chrome, right? With this being said, if you are having issues with internet radio with SiriusXM, it’s highly likely that you have muted Google Chrome. For checking this, right-click on the sound icon that’s available on the desktop corner, and tap on the volume mixer option. Then, choose the unmute option and it will resolve the internet radio issues.

4. Antenna (For Satellite Radio)

With SiriusXM, it comes with the antenna and you need to be incredibly concerned about the location of the antenna. For this reason, you must ensure that antenna doesn’t have any blockings around it, especially on the facing side. In case you are in the basement, the signals will not reach there and the internet radio will not work. With this being said, remove the obstructions and get out of the basement for accessing proper internet radio signals.

5. Antenna Cable (For Satellite Radio)

In addition to checking the antenna and obstructions, you must keep an eye on the antenna cable. To begin with, the antenna cable must be properly plugged into the cradle and the insertion must be firm. The antenna cable should have proper infrastructure and there must be no broken parts or bending. If there are any such issues with the antenna cable, you must replace the antenna cable.

6. Reboot

Well, yes, you can reboot your SiriusXM radio as well. With this being said, you need to switch off the radio and wait for around fifteen minutes. Then, switch it on again. This will reboot the radio. Secondly, you can reboot the radio by removing it from the cradle (docking one) and it will reset the not working error. However, it will also reboot the radio.

7. Channel

To begin with, there are chances that the channel that you are trying to access isn’t working or broadcasting. So, it’s best to tune into some other channel and try again. In addition to this, it’s a chance that the radio is trying to acquire the channel information from the satellite. So, it’s best to wait for some time to ensure channel information can be acquired and the radio will start working.

8. Update

One of the major reasons that the internet radio is not working is because you have radio update issues. With this being said, you need to update the radio with the encryption code (the encryption code must be the latest). However, this update is automatic, so wait for some time while the radio is being downloaded.

9. Frequency (For Satellite Radio)

When you have the incorrect frequency set with SiriusXM, the internet radio will not work. So, you must check the radio in the car as well as SiriusXM are set to an identical frequency. Once the frequency is streamlined, the internet radio will start working. In addition to this, keep the audio level high because it improves the signal quality.

On the contrary, if nothing seems to resolve the issue, call SiriusXM customer support and they shall help!

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