6 Ways To Fix T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Not Working

tmobile wifi calling not working
tmobile wifi calling not working

Wi-Fi calling has become one of the most promising features available for smartphone users. With this feature, users can make phone calls through the Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi calling is suitable for times when cellular signal strength is weak but the internet is available.

T-Mobile has been offering this feature but T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling not working error can be intriguing. So, let’s see how we can resolve this issue!

How To Fix T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Not Working?

1. Restart

To begin with, it’ the force restart and you need to force restart your smartphone because the simple restart will not work. This is because if the issue is incurring because of minor bugs and software issues, force restart should solve the issues. For hard resetting the iPhone, you need to press the power and home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

In the case of Android smartphones, the force restart differs with every model. So, look for the instruction for your specific smartphone model and it will fix the issue.

2. Toggle

This might sound stupid by toggling the Wi-Fi calling feature on your phone should fix the issue. This because the bugs and minor software configurations can resolve the majority of issues with Wi-Fi calling. For this purpose, open the cellular tab from the settings and scroll down the Wi-Fi calling feature. Subsequently, you need to quickly toggle on and off the Wi-Fi calling feature. It’s better to toggle it twice or thrice for a better outcome.

3. Internet Connection

Well, it’s pretty obvious that your device needs a high-speed and streamlined internet connection for Wi-Fi calling feature to work. With this being said, if there are slow and weak internet signals, the Wi-Fi calling will not work with T-Mobile. For this purpose, reboot your router for refreshing the internet signals and try using the Wi-Fi calling feature again. Also, this feature will only work with Wi-Fi, so don’t try it with data mode.

4. Airplane Mode

If you’ve mistakenly switched on the airplane mode on your phone, the Wi-Fi calling feature will not work. This is because switching on the airplane mode will restrict the internet connection and Wi-Fi. So, check that you haven’t switched on the airplane mode. If it’s off already, you need to toggle the airplane mode as it tends to streamline the internet connection and signals.

5. Carrier Settings Update

Keep in mind that T-Mobile tends to change or rather update the network settings because it helps them enhance the performance and connectivity. With this being said, call the T-Mobile customer support and ask them if they have updated the carrier settings. So, if they have updated the settings, ask them to send the information in your messages and you can apply them. Once you update the carrier settings on your phone, you will be able to use the Wi-Fi calling feature.

6. Network Settings

The network settings issue will lead to Wi-Fi calling functionality issues. For this purpose, you can reset the network settings on your phone. So, open the general tab in the settings, scroll down to reset, and press the reset network settings on the phone. This will delete all the incorrect settings, so the connectivity will be sorted!

1 thought on “6 Ways To Fix T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Not Working”

  1. 2 new Motorola G Stylus phones and neither will work on WiFi as IF you even get a call [about a 50/50 chance] or try to call someone, only 1 side of the conversation can be heard.

    I’ve found, when at home, putting the phone in Airplane Mode the manually turning on WiFi allows the phone to work fine on Wifi. Not a big problem but it is if I forget to switch back when leaving the house.

    I’ve tried to use Tasker to automate this process such that when the phone sees my home WiFi, it first turns on Airplane mode then waits and then re-enables Wifi.

    Then I tried to make Tasker, turn off Airplane Mode when it lost the home WiFi but seems Tasker will NOT turn off Airplane Mode and generates an error and directs me to the Airplane mode help page which just tells me how Airplane mode works.

    Very annoying that it seems Android is preventing Tasker from turning off Airplane mode.

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