Why Is Shenzhen Ogemray Technology On My Network?

shenzhen ogemray technology on my network
shenzhen ogemray technology on my network

Every single smart home device requires a reliable internet connection if it is to work on cloud. Using a Wi-Fi connection, it is able to connect to your home network and function properly. It connects to its main server where all of its settings are stored.

Shenzhen Ogemray Technology On My Network:

Quite a number of users have been found complaining about finding an unusual device connected to their network. On further inspection, we found that there is a device called “Shenzhen Ogemray” connected to their network.

If you are also someone who has found something similar connected to their home network, then there is nothing to worry about. Using this article, we will be explaining in detail about what you need to know. So, if you were wondering what the device is all about, then we highly suggest you keep on reading!

Should I Be Worried About It?

Before you do anything when you notice such an unusual device connected on your network, the very first thing that we recommend you do is that you disconnect the device from your network. You will have to disable the device from the list of your connected devices, through your router settings.

Once you have done this, you can proceed on checking what device it is. For those of you who aren’t aware, Shenzhen Ogemray Technology is a popular brand known for selling various smart devices. Weirdly enough, users who don’t know their devices have also mentioned how they had their devices connected on their network.

Whatever the case is, we recommend that you double check all the devices that you have connected in your house. If someone lives with you, be sure to ask the person whether he/she has bought any new smart device which could be labeled as the device.

It could be that it is simply a new device in your house which is being recognized in a weird way. However, if it isn’t then we highly recommend that you apply some enhanced security precautions on your router. Follow these instructions in order to secure your Wi-Fi connection:

  • Create a new admin password on your settings page.
  • Create a brand new and unique password for your Wi-Fi.
  • Be sure that you have the WPA2 encryption enabled on your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Disable options like WPS and UPNP on your router.

Following these instructions should help in enhancing security for your Wi-Fi.

The Bottom Line:

Did you notice a weird device named “Shenzhen Ogemray Technology” connected on my network? If so, then be sure to read the instructions that we have mentioned in the article. It has all the details that you will need in order to fix the issue.

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