6 Methods For Resolving Shentel Internet Not Working

shentel internet not working
shentel internet not working

With the popularity of video streaming and high-end gaming, people have shifted to a high-speed internet connection, and Shentel internet has become a preferred choice, given the affordable pricing. However, the Shentel internet not working remains a tedious issue for many, which negatively impacts the browsing, streaming, and downloading experience. So, let’s see how you can optimize the internet connection!

Shentel Internet Not Working Fix

1. Shift To A Different Website

To begin with, you have to check if the internet is lagging only on the current website or if it’s a proper internet outage. For this purpose, just open the internet browser and try opening a new website. If the other website opens, there is something wrong with the previous website that you were trying to access. On the other hand, if the website is not working on the other website either, you have to work on the internet connection.

2. Clear Cache

The second solution that you can try is to clear the cache. This is because a built-up cache can slow down the internet. This is because it can reduce internet bandwidth consumption. For this reason, it is recommended that clearing the cache and cookies will improve the internet connection, internet speed, and overall performance of the internet browser. In addition, clearing the cache will help improve loading time.

3. Check The Internet Package

If the Shentel internet is working, but the speed is slower than what was promised, it’s suggested that you run the speed test, and it will provide the internet speed information in the form of Mbps. Once you have this information, check your internet bill, and if the speed seems slower, you will need to upgrade the internet package. This is because some internet plans offer low Mbps, which is why upgrading the plan will help achieve a faster-performing connection.

4. Virus

Many people don’t take this seriously, but a virus-infected device fails to connect to the internet, and even if it connects to the internet, the internet doesn’t work. So, whichever device you are using for Shentel internet, there are chances that it’s infected by a virus. Having said that, we recommend that you download and launch an anti-virus app to scan for malware, viruses, and spyware. Once these viruses and malware are deleted, try connecting to the internet again, and it’s likely to start working.

5. DNS Server

Whenever you enter a website into the internet browser, the device starts looking up the IP address with the help of a DNS server. In some cases, these DNS servers have issues, which makes it challenging to visit the websites. For this reason, we recommend that you bypass the DNS server, or you could try clearing the DNS cache to improve the internet performance.

6. Firmware

The last option that you can try is to update the firmware. A firmware is defined as low-level software that operates the network hardware, including the modem and router. The firmware updates are designed to add new features, improve internet speed, and fix performance issues. So, open the router or modem’s web interface and update the firmware through settings.

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