5 Easy Steps To Setup UniFi Access Point Without Controller

setup unifi access point without controller
setup unifi access point without controller

UniFi access point has become an all-in-one solution for network users since it helps control multiple network devices at once. It’s a high-end access point with a unique design and the ability to connect the network switches and gateways. In addition, it’s extremely easy to set up and manage, but one needs a controller to set it up. On the contrary, if you want to set up UniFi access point without a controller, we have a guide that can help!

Setup UniFi Access Point Without Controller

Installing The UniFi Access Point (AP) Without The Controller

The controller works as a captive portal and is actually a wireless network management software that eases the setup process. So, in the section below, we are sharing how to install and set up your access point without a controller;

  1. To begin with, you need to install the UniFi app from the app store (the smartphone app is available on iOS as well as Android app stores)
  2. When the app is downloaded and installed, you need to connect that device to the network infrastructure with the help of an Ethernet cable. When the LED light becomes solid white, it means that the access point is connected and is working at the factory default settings
  3. Now, open the app on your smartphone, and the access point will appear in the list of discovered devices. In case you don’t see the AP, you’ve to ensure that the Wi-Fi on the smartphone is enabled. On the other hand, you can also scan the QR code that’s placed on the back of the access point (you will need to press the “scan QR” button from the top right corner)
  4. As a result, you will have to enter the username and password. The default credentials are ubnt but make sure you change the password and opt for a stronger password before continuing
  5. Then, enter the credentials again and press the “apply” button to save the settings. Keep in mind that it might take a few seconds before the network will be available

Additional Tips

Setting up the access point without a controller is quite easy, especially if you follow the step-by-step mentioned in the article above. However, if you are unable to set it up, we have outlined some steps that you can follow;

  • First of all, you should try to reboot the access point because if there are configuration errors with the access point, it can result in setup issues. For the reboot, just disconnect the access point from the power outlet and wait for five minutes before you reconnect it
  • Secondly, you have to check the internet connection and make sure it’s working well. In particular, you have to reboot the router to make sure the internet signals are streamlined. Once the router is rebooted, connect your access point to it before setting it up. However, if the reboot doesn’t work, you have to contact your internet service provider to fix the internet connection

The bottom line is that these steps should help set up the access point. However, if you aren’t able to set up the access point, call Ubiquiti technical support team!

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