How To Update UniFi Access Point? (3 Methods)

how to update unifi access point
how to update unifi access point

Updating the UniFi access point is essential to streamline the network connectivity to make sure no internet bugs slow down the performance. In most cases, it’s recommended to turn on the automatic updates as it allows the users to specify when the UniFi automatically checks for updates and installs them. However, if you haven’t enabled it, we are sharing a full guide on how to update UniFi access point!

How To Update UniFi Access Point?

Method 1: Updating The UniFi Access Point

The automatic update allows the users to update the AP automatically, and this setting can be configured through the UniFi OS settings. However, the self-hosted network applications don’t offer automatic updates. The update preferences can be set up in the system settings from the network tab. So, let’s see how you can update the AP through the device property panel;

  • Copy the release link ( of the firmware
  • Then, paste it into the address bar that’s available in the settings tab of the properties panel

If this doesn’t work, you can update the access point through the network cache. It’s a great method for reducing the bandwidth within the high-traffic network that has a variety of UniFi devices connected to it. In addition, this update method is recommended for people who disable internet access on the management network of the UniFi device. For this purpose, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the system settings
  • Open the UniFi devices page
  • Tap on the update available button
  • As a result, the cache link will show up as you hover the cursor over the update

Method 2: Updating Through SSH

For the most part, SSH updating is not the recommended or typical method and should be used when you weren’t able to make the prior update attempts successful. This is because successful SSH updates will fix the configuration. In addition, you can update through the SSH when the network device isn’t discoverable or can’t be adopted if there is outdated firmware. To update the AP with this method, you need to copy the firmware update link from the releases page and SSH it into the device to complete the update process.

Method 3: Updating The AP In The Broken State

In case the AP is broken but you’ve to update it, it’s recommended that you update it through the TFTP recovery. However, you should only use the TFTP recovery if the access point stops working because it helps submit the RMA. Keep in mind that the gateways and consoles should be updated through the recovery mode.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure that the access point is connected to the internet before you start the update process to make sure the firmware is downloaded and installed completely
  • You must not reboot the access point (AP) during the firmware update because it can result in incorrect configuration, which leads to an update issue
  • Turn on the automatic update option if your AP allows as it helps ensure that the updates are streamlined

On a concluding note, these steps will help you update the access point. However, if you have an issue, contact Ubiquiti technical support!

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