Samsung Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi: 6 Fixes

samsung printer won't connect to wifi
samsung printer won’t connect to wifi

We don’t need to say it, but Samsung has become the top-notch brand when it comes down to wireless printers. However, there are multiple technical errors, and glitches with the wireless printer, and these errors are pretty common.

Among all these issues, “Samsung printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi” is one of them, and users have encountered this issue. With this article, we are sharing the solutions for fixing the Samsung printer that won’t connect to the wireless network!

Samsung Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi

1) Password

In some cases, the Samsung printer will not connect to the wireless connection when you are using the incorrect password. Whenever you connect the Samsung printer with the Wi-Fi connection, you will be asked to enter the network security key.

When this prompt occurs, you have to enter the correct password. Once you enter the correct password, the Samsung printer will be connected to the Wi-Fi connection.

2) Distance & Position

If you have already entered the correct password, but the Samsung printer is still not connecting to Wi-Fi, you need to consider the distance. In particular, you have to consider the difference between the Samsung printer and Wi-Fi router. That being said, the distance between the Samsung printer and the Wi-Fi router should be minimal because it will ensure that the printer is receiving stronger wireless signals.

When the Samsung printer starts receiving strong wireless signals, we are certain that a consistent wireless connection will be ensured. In addition to reducing the distance between the Samsung printer and Wi-Fi, you have to consider the position of your wireless router. For instance, if the wireless router is placed in the basement, it’s going to adversely impact the signals.

That being said, you have to ensure that the wireless router is placed in the central location. This is because the central location of the wireless router will stream consistent wireless signals, and it will lead to a promising connection with the Samsung printer. In simpler words, you could place the wireless router in the central room (or lounge, for that matter). In addition, the router must be in an area with proper ventilation.

3) Wi-Fi Frequency

When you are using the Samsung printers, you have to be extremely particular about the Wi-Fi channel. We are saying this because the Samsung printers only support the 2.4GHz network channel. So, if you are wireless router is set to 5GHz, the Samsung printer will not connect to the Wi-Fi connection. That being said, you need to change the Wi-Fi channel settings.

Secondly, people often use dual-band routers, but it’s still not the right approach. This is because dual-band routers can also lead to a 5GHz channel, and the Samsung printer won’t work with it. In case you have the dual-band router, specify the 2.4GHz wireless frequency, and the printer will connect to the Wi-Fi connection just fine.

4) IP Address

Samsung printer users have to be extremely particular about the IP address settings to ensure the network and connection is optimized. When using the Samsung printer, you have to select the static IP address settings on the network.

Some people leave the IP address settings for automated settings, but you should manually set the static IP address on the network. Once you save the static IP address on the network, we are certain that the printer will connect to the Wi-Fi.

5) Reboot

Whenever you struggle with the connection issues on your Samsung printer, we suggest that you reboot the printer as well as the router. The router should be rebooted because it can refresh the wireless signals and will have a better connection. Rebooting the internet router is pretty easy since you have to switch it off and switch it back on after a few minutes.

As far as rebooting the printer is concerned, you need to disconnect it from the power outlet/socket. Also, it’s better to disconnect the cables from the printer for around five minutes. After this time, connect the power cable and other cables again for streaming the internet connection. However, when you have to reboot the Samsung printer, make sure that you remove the paper first.

6) Driver

The last solution is to update the drivers of your printer. This is because if you are suspecting the issue with the Samsung printer, it has to be fixed with the driver update. The driver updates can fix the bugs and streamline the network connectivity. So, update the printer drivers and try connecting to the Wi-Fi again!

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  1. Help, my M2885fw won’t connect to the wifi unless I remove the password. It was working fine until a few days ago. I am not comfortable having the printer on an open wifi even with the SSID hidden.
    I am positive that I am putting the correct password, i tried several passwords with the same result. I wish I knew WHY it won’t connect, at least then I could have something to follow up on, but after i input the password, it only says “disconnected” after waiting a few seconds.

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