5 Ways To Fix Roku 2 Freezes

roku 2 freezes
roku 2 freezes

Roku has impregnated the households pretty well because they are jam-packed to provide endless entertainment. It’s pretty clear that Roku devices are designed to offer extensive usage. But well, they go through the rough patches too because Roku 2 freezes. There are multiple reasons behind the issue, but we are here to help. So, if your Roku 2 is freezing, we have added the troubleshooting methods in this article!

Roku 2 Freezes

1) Restarting The Roku

Well, this might be the cliché, but it’s the foolproof way of fixing the freezing issue on your Roku 2. There are different methods of restarting the Roku 2, so you can choose the one that suits you the best. Usually, restarting helps get rid of minor software glitches and revamp the performance. So, let’s see how you can restart it!

Restarting With The Remote Control

  • First of all, you need to open the setting menu
  • Click on System, and it will open the new menu
  • Go to system restart and hit the OK button
  • Choose restart, and the Roku will shut off
  • You can switch it on again, and the freezing will be gone

Forced Restart

Well, if you cannot use the remote control method, all you need to do is take out the power cord and let the device rest for around two minutes. This time will help the System relax and offer better performance again.

Home Button

  • Press the home button on the remote control around five times
  • Hit the arrow up button once
  • Click the rewind button two times
  • Press the fast forward button twice

This sequence of button-pressing will turn off the Roku if you couldn’t manage the other methods. However, once you press all these buttons and Roku turns off, just give it a few seconds because the Roku logo will be back on!

2) Software Update

If you have not installed the latest software update for Roku, it tends to experience glitches that can eventually lead to freezing. In this case, you need to update the settings by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Press the home button on the remote and go to settings
  • Open the System tab and switch to System updated
  • Hit the check now button

If the update has been installed, you can jump the next troubleshooting method. However, if there is an update available, we highly recommend installing it to streamline the performance.

3) HDMI Cables

In some cases, the HDMI cables are at fault and can lead to frozen Roku. With this being said, you should try using different HDMI cables. Also, if you have multiple HDMI ports on the TV, it is better to try all of them.

4) Factory Reset

Well, if you want to give a fresh start to your Roku and eliminate the freezing issue altogether, you need to choose the factory reset option. There are two ways of performing the factory reset, and we have added information about both, such as;

Through The Remote

  • Go to the settings and then System
  • Click on Advanced system settings
  • Tap on factory reset
  • Click on the factory reset everything and done!

Forced Factory Reset

The above-mentioned method is not suitable for everyone, but this one is easy to follow and implement. So, you need to press the reset button on Roku 2 for almost 20 seconds, and it will conduct the forced factory reset.

5) Customer Support

There are times when no troubleshooting methods work out because the issue lies at the backend. However, there are chances that the issue is too big to be taken care of with simple troubleshooting. In this case, your last resort is to call the Roku customer support. Well, the good thing is that Roku support is available around the clock, and you can call them on 855-766-2988.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • You cannot consider or confuse restarting and factory reset as the same thing
  • Factory reset will erase the channel apps and Wi-Fi settings while the restarting will just be the revamping
  • Before factory reset, make sure the internet is working properly, and the signal strength is optimal
  • Restart/reset will help deal the freezing issue along with black screen and audio issues

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