6 Fixes For Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender Not Connecting To Internet

rockspace wifi extender not connecting to internet
rockspace wifi extender not connecting to internet

Rockspace Wi-Fi extenders are ideal for multistory buildings or areas where your standard router is incapable of providing adequate vertical reach. With its dependable network connection, you can enjoy consistent internet access throughout your home. However, many Rockspace Wi-Fi extender users face certain connectivity issues when it comes to the extender’s network potential. If you are also looking for an answer to why your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender is not connecting to the internet, this article will provide you with a list of ways to troubleshoot the problem.

Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender Not Connecting To Internet Fix

1. Check Your Power Outlet:

If your Wi-Fi extender is unable to fetch signals from your main router, make sure it is properly connected to a power outlet. It could be the consequence of your device not gaining enough power to boot up. Connect the extender to a direct socket if it was previously connected to an extension or power strip.

2. Extender Placement:

When you place your extender a long distance away from your router, it has difficulty connecting to the router, resulting in a poor internet connection. Check to see if you’ve placed the extender too far away from your main router. If this is the case, make sure to keep both devices close to each other so that your extender receives maximum internet signals.

3. Unsupported Security Protocols:

When your router and extender have different or incompatible security protocols, each of them faces trouble in connecting. Therefore check whether the security protocols of your router are compatible with your Wi-Fi extender. The security protocols that Rockspace Wi-Fi devices support are WPA, WPA2, and WPA3. Check if your router supports these security protocols.

4. Cable Connections:

If your Wi-Fi extender is connected via an Ethernet port to have a wired connection with your devices, ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected properly at the Ethernet port. If your cable connection is loose it might trouble your extender to establish a consistent connection with your router. Moreover, also check if other cables are connected securely and properly to their respective ports.

5. Reset Your Extender:

If all of the above ways do not help you get through the connection issue your extender is probably vulnerable to interferences. To solve this, consider resetting your Wi-Fi extender. It should help in resolving the connection issue by dropping out any interference that might have disrupted the router’s signals.

  • Locate the RESET button on your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender and press it
  • Hold the button for a few seconds
  • Release the button to manually reset your router.

6. Contact Rockspace Support:

If your connection issue persists even after the reset, then it should be a technical failure with your Wi-Fi extender. Contact the Rockspace customer care support online or through their numbers and inform them about your situation. Ask them to come in and examine your Wi-Fi extender.

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